What to expect at Breakbulk Europe 2017

What to expect at Breakbulk Europe 2017

Breakbulk Europe is the largest exhibition forum in the world.

If you’re a logistics professional in breakbulk and project cargo, Breakbulk Europe is the place to go. With over 7,600 attendees last year and over 350 exhibitors, it’s still the most popular location, with people coming from all over the globe. With Breakbulk exhibitions in Russia, China, the USA, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, this expanding enterprise is offering more opportunities for networking with exhibitors, sponsors, freight forwarders, ports and terminals expo packers, ocean carriers – the list goes on.

With just 2 days for Breakbulk Europe, the agenda is packed with opportunities to learn new skills in 5 educational workshops, 6 conferences from industry experts and new this year will be 2 micro-seminars that will take place in the exhibition hall during the exhibition. There will be several more formal networking opportunities, including the opening welcome reception, a special guided tour for first-time exhibitors and VIP’s, and let’s not forget to mention Ports America’s sponsored happy hour.

After 2016 being a bit of a political roller coaster, there’s a lot of focus on how Brexit and Trump could affect the Maritime Industry. 2 of the conferences this year will be talking about trade and borders following on from the Trump Presidency and Article 50 being put into effect to trigger Brexit. 1 of these conferences will be led by our own General Manager, Neel Ratti. Neel will be looking at the educated predictions that can help the industry prepare for what the future may hold, now that Brexit is going ahead. You can join Neel for the chat on the Tuesday at 11:35 am and be sure to stick around for the Q&A.

Breakbulk 2016
Breakbulk 2016 Team
Breakbulk 2016

With only 4 weeks to go until Breakbulk Europe, the Tuscor Lloyds team are getting excited. This year will be Tuscor Lloyds 10th year at Breakbulk Europe. The exhibition has always provided a great platform to communicate the Tuscor Lloyds brand and grow our global network. Those who already know our brand know that we tend to do things a little differently, from creative stand design to quirky giveaways.

With the start of 2017 seeing lots of development in artificial intelligence and more emphasis on technology, we are putting the focus onto the amazing people at the heart of our team. This year Tuscor Lloyds are focusing on promoting how incredible our staff and network of partners are. We are inviting clients and partners old and new to be a part of our unique family.

Tuscor Lloyds have always broken the mould when it comes to what people associate with shipping. We always strive to humanise the industry and this year we are bringing our ‘home’ to our home at Breakbulk! We have created a relaxed, intimate setting, surrounded by essentials like cosy blankets, family pictures and a fireplace.

We aim to have creative and innovative chats over a cuppa or a beer. Keeping with the ‘creative design theme’ a special feature has been built into our stand this year, that will give people the opportunity to become a part of the Tuscor Lloyds family album and add us to theirs!

Be sure to come and visit us and meet our family!

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Rachel Finch

Design and Marketing Assistant

Rachel is a new addition to the family, she’s already been making waves on our social media platforms and learning more every day about the complexities of our industry. Yoga obsessed – she should be flexible enough to do the job!

Shipping Line vs Forwarder – Whats the difference?

Shipping Line vs Forwarder – Whats the difference?

The biggest players in the supply chain game are shipping lines or carriers. Considering 90% of global trade moves via containership and some of the largest companies own around 42.8% of this it’s safe to say they’re kind of a big deal.

Freight forwarders (NVOCC’s) emerged mainly to make global shipping as seamless and stress free as possible for the shipper, the very definition of a “middle man”. But in the technologically rich 21st century, some industry experts as well as shipping lines and carriers, have argued there is no longer a place for the traditional freight forwarder in the movement of global freight.

As a first time exporter the choice between a shipping line and a forwarder can be a very difficult decision and the wrong choice can lead to costly slip ups. So we thought we’d take a look at the difference between the two and what may be best for your business.

Let’s lay this out simply

A shipping line is a company or organisation that owns and operates vessels, responsible for the handling and transporting of cargo aboard their ships. They deal with the cargo from point of origin to destination (port to port), transiting regular routes on fixed schedules aboard their own vessels.

A freight forwarder arranges shipments for individuals and companies, they may also be the carrier themselves. They are often the link between shipper and carrier. Forwarders typically assist shippers across the whole journey to ensure no logistical hiccups occur. They can also provide extra services in the form of advising on packing, completing the necessary paperwork (like bills of lading), providing insurance coverage and custom clearing services.

Advantages of booking with shipping line
  • Booking directly with the source of the sea freight offering can sometimes result in more competitive rates.
  • It could mean your cargo is more likely to obtain space on your desired vessel.
  • Shipping lines are accountable for any loss or damages.
  • The owner of the goods can authorise the shipping line to sign on their behalf to expedite any processes along the way, without the need of the owner to physically be there. However, the degree to which this power is given is often listed out in the agreed contract prior to the shipment.
Disadvantages of booking with shipping line
  • You may not always get the best rates as rates are often dependant on volume of bookings.
  • You may have to be tied into fixed term rate contracts that do not take into consideration market fluctuations that can impact rates on a daily basis.
  • A shipping line will carry your cargo at sea but may not provide additional transport services.
  • Using only one carrier means only one set of sailing schedules that may not suit your shipment requirements. Although in recent times this has been counteracted by carrier ‘alliances’ over certain trade lanes.
  • Less likely to have one point of contact for your shipment.
  • They would need a forwarder to organise the movement of more ‘awkward’ / out of gauge cargo
  • Working with a carrier directly means you need to ensure bookings are made on time by your suppliers.
Advantages of using freight forwarders
  • Forwarders are able to negotiate with shipping lines on behalf of shippers to get a competitive deal and discover the most economical route to take.
  • Global forwarders commit big volumes to shipping lines which can make their rates very competitive.
  • Forwarders complete all documentation on your behalf.
  • Import / Export processes are after complex and time consuming. Outsourcing these responsibilities in the supply chain can save untold time and potential headaches.
  • A freight forwarder will often see the cargo through the entire process from door to door, providing multi-modal transportation options and advising customers along the way.
Disadvantages of using freight forwarders
  • As a freight forwarder does not actually move your freight a number of different companies may be looking after your cargo at any one given time.
  • Many shippers cite ‘transparency issues’ for not working with freight forwarders, in regards to sub-contracting third parties to complete the work on their behalf.
  • Some freight forwarders may increase costs along the journey that was not anticipated at the beginning of the shipment.
  • As a freight forwarder does not own the vessels carrying cargo they can often be outranked when it comes to finding space on a vessel.

So what’s best for your business?

The main difference between shipping lines and freight forwarders are the types of services offered. A freight forwarder will provide services which are outside the scope of a shipping line. For example, a freight forwarder will often see the cargo through the entire process from door to door. While a shipping line may only be concerned during the process when the cargo is consolidated to the time when the cargo is deconsolidated. Another key difference is a freight forwarder often provides multi-modal transportation options, while a shipping agent will often specialise in a certain mode of transportation, be it via ship, air or land.

What it all boils down to is the type of service you’re after. Are you wanting to entrust a company completely? Do you believe they have the right experience and expertise to do the job? Or are you happy organising your own documentation and relying on relationships you’ve built to get the best deals and rates for your shipment?

To discover the added value of using a global freight forwarder please contact our team today. You’ll be happy you did.

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Prepared to go anywhere, providing it be forward

Prepared to go anywhere, providing it be forward

Another day another headline – forwarders under threat! Death of the Middleman! Automate or the industry won’t need you!

It’s not the kind of Monday motivation we look for. But it’s true, we should be worried. We’re under attack. New tech start-ups, ‘game-changing’ market entries from the big guys, aggressive competition from our long-term suppliers, all chipping away at the market share we work so hard to maintain. In truth we’ve been fighting a competitive and saturated market since the business was founded in 1994.

It’s been a while since I read any industry news and felt a sense of positivity about the global freight forwarder. With some article’s recently feeling more like a smear campaign than an ‘opinion piece.’ Is the only way to promote your new venture to attack existing businesses and forwarders in the market?

Shipping is not just about moving containers from A to B which is the premise some of the new tech start-ups rely on. A flat rate, inputted to a system, to quote a container from one destination to another. On the desk we all know it is so much more. Daily we experience customs clearance issues, customs brokerage, police escort arrangements, specialist handling, extreme weather conditions, and short shipments – the list goes on. Are we expecting a machine to process these considerations and make the same arrangements a human would?

When I tell my friends that I work for a freight forwarder they look at me blankly. I guess if you’re not in the industry you’d be forgiven for not knowing the term. I explain that we help importers and exporters transport their goods in a safe, efficient and cost effective way. By our own definition a freight forwarder has specialist knowledge to prepare the types of documents required for moving goods via sea, road, rail or air. There’s pick, pack, storage, distribution, warehousing, trucking considerations that need to work in sync for harmonious supply chains. So let’s say AI takes our place, how long would it take the machine to find the root of a problem, in one single part of the chain.

It’s not that we have anything against new tech start-ups, any entrepreneur developing software designed to make shippers lives easier is welcome in our office. When the right online platform comes along we’ll happily embrace it if it would add value for our customers.

Up to now I’ve tried 3 of the very publicly heralded freight marketplaces promising to revolutionise global shipping bookings. I entered a FOB 40ft Container from Shanghai to Felixstowe, one of the biggest trade lanes in the world. I was hoping for plethora of choice and super competitive rates. Quaking in my boots (thinking about my redundancy pay-out) I waited for the results to load only to be greeted with ‘your route cannot be found, sorry no rates found, no results found.’ I couldn’t even enter a destination on one site. Was I doing something wrong? And if I’m feeling like this imagine what a first time importer would think? Maybe they should change their slogans to “making global freight rates so transparent they can’t even be seen.”

We’d all welcome a sky scanner solution to the movement of global freight. It would certainly make our lives easier but I feel its living in a dream world. And even if we replaced people with amazing digitisation I would like to hope that the future of our world is not based on faceless online encounters. We visit a car dealership for the experience, the satisfaction of selecting the right product, the trust built from the test drive and the bargaining with the salesman. All these tangible aspects of a sale are still crucial for purchasing decisions. People still value people. They appreciate knowledge as value in the supply chain and lean on expertise… this is something technology can never really replace.

We love Andrews Craig Bennett’s article in Splash “War has been declared on forwarders.” Well if it’s a war they want try fighting us with the right weapons. We’re fighting back.

Kate’s opinion piece ‘prepared to go anywhere’ has been covered by a number of industry publications from Splash 247, to Lloyds and the Loadstar. It’s stirred some big debates online but we’d really love to hear your thoughts too…

Dusk to Dawn – Breakbulk Competition

Dusk to Dawn – Breakbulk Competition

Breakbulk’s first photo and video contest for 2017 is all about transport projects that take place from dusk until the early hours of dawn.


As we all know twilight is rarely the ideal time to move project cargo but sometimes it is necessary due to highway regulations or timing requirements. Breakbulk have launched a competition asking global break bulk specialists to send in their low light travels on the water, at a port, a landing field or on dry land.

All photo and video entries will be displayed at Breakbulk China 2017, 13-16 March at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) in Shanghai, China. The photo winner will be featured in Issue 1 of Breakbulk Magazine 2017.

Tuscor Lloyds will be exhibiting at Breakbulk Europe this year. We’re looking forward to another fantastic show! After our success at last years exhibition, we are designing a homey-feel this year, centering our stand around people, just like our business.

Tuscor Lloyds Sunrise in Malta

For this competition, we have selected an image taken by our very own Neel Ratti. Neel captured the shot while on location in Malta, as he enjoyed the sun rising over the port one morning. Neel travelled to Malta to oversee the smooth relocation of offshore oil and gas equipment, making its way from Malta to Aberdeen.

Thanks to his experience in the industry and amazing connections we have made over the years, the whole job only took 15 days from start to finish. See below the breath taking image he captured for us!

Impressed? VOTE for our entry in the Breakbulk competition here!

Call: +44 (0) 161 868 6000 | Email: projects@tuscorlloyds.com

Monton Cobras – PSN Tournament winners!

Monton Cobras – PSN Tournament winners!

The Monton Cobras are made up of 7 determined football fanatics, Callum, Lucas, Gracie, Addison, John, Travis, and Kody. Tuscor Lloyds are the proud sponsors of the Cobras training kits, keeping the team warm over the winter months.

On the 15th January 2017, the team took part in a very exciting tournament held at the local power league centre. 6 teams from across Salford came to play for the winning trophy but it was the Cobras who brought their team to the victory, cheering as they brought the trophy home.

The Cobras under 7’s formed last September by enthusiastic parents and two equally determined coaches Jason and Liam, who have taught the children resilience, form and the importance of working together.

It looks like there’s no stopping the cobras with the team moving through the league as well as the fantastic result at the weekend’s tournament.

We couldn’t be any prouder… keep up the good work Cobras we can’t wait to see what trophies you’ll be bringing home next season!  

Discover the latest news from Tuscor HQ below!

What to expect at Breakbulk Europe 2017

Breakbulk Europe is the largest exhibition forum in the world. If you’re a logistics professional in breakbulk and project cargo, Breakbulk Europe is the place to go. With over 7,600 attendees last year and over 350 exhibitors, it’s still the most popular location,...

Discover the secret to Holistic Logistics

Discover the secret to Holistic Logistics

To welcome the New Year we’re championing our unique approach to tackling supply chain problems, through holistic logistics.

What is it?

Holistic logistics is Tuscor Lloyds’ unique approach to physical distribution. Rather than focus on a specific problem or individual part, this approach considers the whole. It emphasises the connection between all elements of the supply chain.

In the same way a healthy body depends on a healthy mind, a healthy business depends on healthy supply chains.


How do we do it?

Planning – Our planning procedures ensure we never misdiagnose the correct solutions. We are one of the few forwarders in the industry who can consistently provide stability of service and schedules across multiple trades.
Support – After 22 years we have made strong and trusted connections with like-minded professionals. Our shipping staff across the globe work closely with over 200 trusted agents in more than 80 countries to offer all the support your supply chain needs.
Resources – We handle complex shipments that demand a high level of service from experienced personnel. Our innovative shipping methods would not be possible without our huge bank of resources built over 22 years in the forwarding market.

Transportation & equipment – Tuscor Lloyds’ network of agents and brokers will locate the right combination of transport for the job, negotiating the best routes and prices. We never fail to find the right equipment (in the most remote destinations) for our customers.

Tuscor Lloyds staff are fully embracing the holistic vibe this January! Our team have been using practices such as Yoga and Meditation in the office so they can become true Logistics Yogi’s.

Meditation is proven to help change the structure of your brain, helping to calm anxious thoughts. Our ‘default mode network’ controls wandering thoughts, when we meditate it helps to bring the focus back. Amedarla processes fear and anxiety, it begins to reduce in size and activity as we meditate. Grey matter in the brain is increased which enhances sense perception. All of these changes take place as we focus on being able to do nothing.

Why not give this 1 minute exercise a go. You can do it in your office, on a bus or simply just at home. Pay attention to how you feel before and after, but remember, however you get there, the out come is to simply relax.

Are you ready for your logistic health check?

To celebrate our new campaign we’ve offering consultation call backs. Simply click to the link below and complete the contact form.

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Are you feeling a little stressed out in the office? Why not download our office yoga guide to discover some top relaxation tips!
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