Tuscor Lloyds Has Worked With The Oil And Gas Industry For Many Years Transporting Specialist Equipment Worldwide


Cable reels are used for oil and gas exploration and off-shore rigs/ platforms, they require careful transportation (to ensure they are damage free and fit for purpose) to often remote or difficult to reach destinations.

Tuscor Lloyds is known as a trusted logistics and freight forwarding service provider to the oil and gas industry and we’ve transported many cable reels as well as other specialist equipment over our 20+ year history.



Below you will find 10 cable reel project shipment case studies from Tuscor Lloyds

Ordered by cargo weight (lowest to highest) | All shipments have been carried out within the last 4 years (2011-2014)


#10 UK to USA – 7.5 ton


This cable reel was transported from Great Yarmouth, UK to Houston, United States. The cable had dimensions of 4.2 x 2.7 x 4.4 meters and was transported as out of gauge cargo using a 20ft flatrack container. The cargo was transported on a container vessel and loaded using a gantry crane fitted with specialist heavy lift equipment to handle the 7.5 ton cable reel and the flatrack container it was secured to.


#9 UK to U.A.E – 15.3 ton

9-Cable-Reels-Secured-to-FlatrackThis shipment required the transportation of eight cable reels of varying sizes / weights. The cargo was shipped from Tilbury, UK where the cargo had been manufactured and transported to Jebel Ali, U.A.E. The eight reels were split onto three 20ft flatracks, the first two flatracks were loaded with three reels, for stability the heaviest reels (15.3 ton) were loaded in the centre of the FR containers and two smaller reels (3 tons each) were loaded either side. The final flatrack had one large reel (15.3 ton) loaded slightly off centre and the smallest reel (1.2 tons) loaded at the far end of the flatrack to provide stability.


#8 UK to Egypt – 29 ton


Out of gauge shipment of 29 ton cable reel from Aberdeen, UK to Alexandria, Egypt. This cable reel was picked up in Aberdeen and loaded onto a 40ft flatrack container for transportation south to the Port of Felixstowe, once here the cargo and flatrack was loaded to the vessel for shipment to Egypt. The cargo had to be lifted using heavy lift cranes / equipment which could handle the 29 ton weight of this reel. Our project managers managed to arrange for space on a container vessel which greatly improved the transit time and reduced transportation costs.


#7 UK to U.A.E. – 29.8 ton


7-Steel-Wire-Drum-TransportThis shipment was urgently required in Jebel Ali, U.A.E. for a large construction project and Tuscor Lloyds arranged for space on a container vessel to provide a short transit time and reduced freight costs. The 29.8 ton cable reel was transported as out of gauge cargo loaded onto a 40ft flatrack container and secured using heavy duty lashings and wooden chocks. The cable reel was transported from the port of Felixstowe to the port of Jebel Ali in 22 days, after which it was unloaded, checked for damage and then transported by road to its final destination.


#6 UK to Singapore – 37 ton


Cable reel shipped multimodal from Doncaster, UK to Singapore. This heavy cable reel was first loaded onto a 40ft heavy plate flatrack container and transported by road to the port of Felixstowe. The heavy cargo required a specialist heavy lift crane to load to the vessel and Tuscor Lloyds had to arrange for this specialist equipment to be quayside for the time of loading. There were no issues with the shipment and it was successfully delivered to the port of Singapore.


#5 UK to USA – 43 ton



This umbilical reeler was manufactured in Great Yarmouth, UK and transported by road to the port of Felixstowe on a 40ft flatrack container. The oversized and heavy cargo was secured to the container using heavy duty ratchet straps, steel wire and wooden chocks to ensure the cargo would not move during road or ocean transport to Houston, USA. The heavy cargo required a heavy lift crane to lift the reel on to the flatrack and then load the flatrack onto a low load trailer for road transportation. Once at port the cargo was checked by surveyors and given the go ahead for loading, another heavy lift crane was used to load the container and umbilical reeler on to the vessel. Thanks to the expert planning of our project cargo managers the cargo arrived on time and damage free.


#4 UK to Canada – 46 ton



5 Cable reels each weighing 46 tons transported from Liverpool, UK to Halifax, Canada. Each reel was delivered to port on a mafi trailer, secured using steel chains which were checked by specialist onsite surveyors before being given the go ahead for loading at the port of Liverpool. The mafi trailers with reels secured were loaded to the vessel as RO-RO cargo. The cargo safely arrived at the port of Halifax and was unloaded, checked for damage and then transported by road to the client.


#3 UK to Philippines – 58 ton



Heavy cable reel transported as break bulk cargo from Newcastle, UK to Manila, Philippines. Tuscor Lloyds picked up the cargo in Newcastle and delivered it to the port of Felixstowe 300 miles to the south. Two flatrack containers were loaded to the vessel ahead of the reel’s arrival and fitted with heavy dunnage in preparation for the 58 ton cargo. A heavy lift crane fitted with specialist gear was used to lift and load the reel across the two 40ft flatrack containers. The cargo was first shipped to the port of Busan where it was unloaded and transported by road to the port of Musan, once here it was loaded to another container vessel again across two flatrack containers and this vessel set off for the port of Manila in the Philippines. The cargo arrived without damage despite the amount of handling and on time thanks to expertise planning throughout the journey.


#2 UK to Singapore – 72 ton



Tuscor Lloyds transported this oversized and heavy cable reel from Felixstowe, UK to Singapore as break bulk cargo. The reel was delivered to the port of Felixstowe and moved on to a mafi trailer which had a cradle ready for extra stability. Once the cradle had been fitted the cargo was lifted and positioned across three flatrack containers which had be loaded to the vessel earlier that day. The 72 ton reel and cradle was secured to the containers using heavy duty ratchet straps and heavy wooden chocks, the cargo was then checked by surveyors to ensure the lashings and positioning were safe for ocean transport. The cargo arrived safely at the port of Singapore and it was unloaded from the vessel without problems.


#1 UK to Singapore – 86 ton



8 Cable reels transported from Felixstowe, UK to Qingdao, China as break bulk cargo. The heaviest of the 8 reels weighed 86 tons and required specialist equipment and knowledge. Tuscor Lloyds transported the cargoes first to the port of Rotterdam, which had the facilities and knowledge to handle heavy cargo as well as experience using a bed of flatrack containers to distribute the weight of such cargoes. Tuscor Lloyds project managers worked with vessel owners and crane operators to plan the loading of this difficult cargo. The cargoes were loaded to the vessel using a floating crane and a complex but efficient loading plan and then secured the reels to the flatrack containers. The 8 reels safely made the journey to China and once at the port of Qingdao the cargo was unloaded, checked for damage and then loaded onto flatbed trucks to transport the cargo to the final destination.


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