When you need to get your products from a factory to a different location on the other side of the world – Tuscor Lloyds has a door-to-door solution for every shipment.
We offer bespoke air freight services that allow customers quick access and hands free management of their supply chain.

air freight services

Air Freight

Tuscor Lloyds are a global freight company that not only specialises in providing sea freight services across Europe but also provides air freight services for cargo that needs to be delivered quickly anywhere in the world. Our international freight services are perfect for people who have expensive items that would benefit from air freight services, including components that are urgently needed.

We have great experience and knowledge in moving Air Freight worldwide, working alongside international carriers and trusted partners to ensure smooth operation at all times – from collection to arrival at destination.

Our network of air transport routes is there to assist the flawless operation of the entire process from pickup to delivery. This means that we are one of the few international air freight businesses that can organise pick-up from your home to deliver to locations like Canada, the USA, Mexico, and many other locations around the world. Our shipping pages list all of the routes we currently offer.

Air Freight UK

Being one of the top air freight forwarders in the UK is something we take great pride in at Tuscor Lloyds. We offer air freight forwarding services globally, shipping your cargo quickly and safely thanks to our contacts around the world.

We’ll make sure we provide a solution for your needs from our air freight services.


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Air Freight Services

Request a quote at Tuscor Lloyds if you’re looking for air freight services in the UK. We have years of experience in the air freight sector. We have the best supply chain in the business to offer you.

Additional Air Freight Information

In fast-paced commodity markets, the speed of transport can be crucial to success. With time-sensitive consignments, air freight is often the fastest and most direct mode of transport.

Air Freight is considered a less intrusive mode of transport with lower risk of damaging cargo when compared to sea freight transportation.

The transparency in air transport is one of the main reasons why many companies prefer this mode of transport. Airlines offer complete track and trace facilities.

With faster transit times and faster customs processes there is often less need for local warehousing. Which means we can be flexible with inventory.