Air Freight Import / Export Services

Tuscor Lloyds offer a wide range of air freight solutions from smaller consolidated volumes to full air charter solutions.

Our bespoke door-to-door solutions allow customers to get on with what they do best – buying from quality suppliers and selling to consumer markets, while we handle the logistical aspects of their business effectively and efficiently.

Why Air Freight?

There are a number of reasons why air freight makes sense for our clients:


Speed & Reliability

In fast paced commodity markets the speed of transport can be crucial to success. With time sensitive consignments air freight is often the fastest and most direct mode of transport. The shorter delivery windows and procurement times gained by using air transportation can also enhance competitiveness.


Track & Trace

The transparency with air transport is one of the main reasons why many companies prefer this mode of transport. Airlines and forwarding companies offer complete track and trace facilities that monitors the cargo from departure to arrival.


Inventory Flexibility

With faster transit times and faster customs processes there is often less need for local warehousing.


Lower Risk of Damages

Air Freight is considered a less intrusive mode of transport with lower risk of damaging cargo when compared to sea freight transportation.

What is an Shippers Letter of Instruction (SLI) ?

A systematic approach to air cargo acceptance is therefore achieved by going through the information and instructions contained in the SLI making sure that they are complete and determining whether the shipment can take place as requested.

Components of an SLI

  • Shipper
  • Consignee
  • Airport of departure
  • Airport of destination
  • Requested routing/booking
  • Marks and os
  • Number & kind of packages
  • Description of goods
  • Gross weight
  • Measurements
  • Airfreight and other charges (shipper must indicate who is paying the airfreight and other charges)
  • Declared value for carriage
  • Declared value for customs
  • Insurance
  • Handling information and remarks
  • Date & signature
IATA Air Freight Agent

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What do I need to make an Air Freight booking?

To make an Air Freight booking the following is required;

  • Number of packages
  • Weight of the shipment
  • Nature of the goods
  • Dimensions / volume or density of the shipment
  • Routing
  • Reference / contact information

Why choose Tuscor Lloyds as your Air Freight Agent?

Agile Response

We understand that the fast moving pace of many industries requires an agile and responsive air freight partner that can be on hand to provide accurate real time information from quote request to cargo tracking, up to final destination.


Experienced Air Freight Agents

We pride ourselves on having a constant awareness of the human side of an increasingly automated industry. We believe that logistics is about people. People who organise shipments of goods which are ultimately for consumption by other people.

At Tuscor Lloyds you will never need to speak to a machine. We offer our client’s key personnel at management level every step of the way. As a global operator working in various time zones we don’t switch off the lights at 5.30pm. Our dedicated Air Freight account handlers are constantly available with regular contact out of hours on email and mobile phone.


AEO Accreditation

It is important to know at all times the location and status of cargo during the logistical process. Our AEO certification is granted on the basis of highest standard of safety and security available in the industry today. With team members on location all over the world we can provide real-time updates and physical presence locally. Many air freight carriers rely on automation. Whilst we can offer this, we feel it is more valuable to give news and updates in person and on demand. We take the hard work out of air freight track and trace, leaving time for our customers to focus on other important work and growing their own businesses.


Multimodal Solutions

With over 20 years’ experience as an international freight forwarder we offer tailor made solutions using multiple modes and methods. The seamless combination of air, road and sea freight services we provide make us the perfect partner for your next air freight consignment.

Tuscor Lloyds ISO 9001
Tuscor Lloyds BIFA Members
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Tuscor Lloyds AEO Accreditation

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