Tuscor Lloyds excels in providing specialized handling for heavy cargo, real-time tracking, and personalized logistics solutions. Our services ensure secure transportation of machinery, vehicles, and diverse goods to Angola via air or sea freight. With competitive pricing and a focus on Africa, we guarantee efficient and reliable cargo movement, meeting diverse shipping needs with expertise and reliability.

Angola routes

Angola Shipping routes

Tuscor Lloyds, a leading freight forwarding company, specializes in air and sea freight services catering to Angola’s diverse import needs, including machinery, electrical equipment, vehicles, spare parts, medicines, textiles, food, and military goods. Leveraging our proficiency in handling heavy cargo, we offer tailored shipping solutions ideal for Angola, ensuring safe and efficient transportation via air or sea. With a focus on Western Africa as a primary shipping route, Tuscor Lloyds guarantees top-notch services at competitive rates for seamless cargo movement to and from Angola.

  • Port of Luanda
  • Lobito Port
  • Cabinda Port