Australasia Shipping Routes are mainly made up of the countries Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to learn more about our services to Australasia then please read more below.

australasia Shipping Routes

Air & Sea Freight to Australasia

Australasia is countries based around Australia and New Zealand, with the main import being Machinery (40%).

With regular shipments available to Australia and New Zealand, Tuscor Lloyds can move your cargo from any destination in the world. 

Tuscor Lloyds services include Sea Freight, Air Freight, Container Shipping, Breakbulk and more which can be viewed here.

With access to all continents across the world, we value ourselves as a leading freight forwarding company in the UK. 

  • Port of Brisbane
  • Port of Sydney
  • Port of Melbourne
  • Port of Tauranga
  • Port of Auckland
  • Melbourne Airport
  • Brisbane International Airport
  • Brisbane Airport
  • Auckland Airport
  • Christchurch Airport