Tuscor Lloyds excels in offering tailored logistics solutions for Australasia, including Papua New Guinea, specializing in efficient machinery transportation. Our services encompass diverse freight options, from Sea Freight to Air Freight and more, ensuring secure, timely cargo delivery globally. With expertise in navigating international routes, we provide reliable shipping, consolidating our reputation as a top-tier UK-based freight forwarding company.

Australasia routes

Australasia Shipping routes

Australasia, encompassing Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea, primarily imports machinery (40%). Tuscor Lloyds offers regular shipments to these destinations, ensuring seamless cargo movement from any global origin. Our services span Sea Freight, Air Freight, Container Shipping, Breakbulk, and more, facilitating efficient transportation worldwide.

With access to all continents, we pride ourselves as a premier UK-based freight forwarding company. Tuscor Lloyds specializes in comprehensive air freight and sea freight services to Australasia, including Papua New Guinea. Leveraging our expertise, we guarantee reliable shipping solutions tailored to meet diverse cargo needs, solidifying our position as a trusted global logistics partner.