Tuscor Lloyds specializes in tailored air and sea freight services to Australia, ensuring efficient transportation for diverse cargo types. Our expertise lies in Breakbulk and out-of-gauge shipments. With meticulous planning and regular updates, we provide seamless supply chain solutions, showcasing our commitment to exceptional service and innovative logistics planning.

Australia routes

Australia Shipping routes

Despite the vast distance between Australia and our UK-based freight forwarding company, Tuscor Lloyds facilitates regular imports and exports with Australia. Tailoring services to client needs – whether for time-sensitive, large-scale, or high-value cargo – we offer suitable air freight or sea freight options. 

We specialize in Breakbulk and out-of-gauge cargo for Australia shipments. Our meticulous planning ensures seamless supply chain operations, delivering projects without disruptions. Renowned for innovative and precise logistics planning, we prioritize exceptional service quality, providing regular cargo updates, acknowledged by our satisfied clientele. For comprehensive air freight and sea freight services to Australia, Tuscor Lloyds stands ready to meet your shipping needs with excellence. Contact us for more information using the button below.

  • Port of Brisbane
  • Port of Sydney
  • Port of Fremantle
  • Port of Melbourne
  • Port of Hedland
  • Sydney Airport
  • Melbourne Airport
  • Brisbane Airport
  • Adelaide Airport