Belgium is a main hub for UK business exports even after the Brexit deal. Tuscor Lloyds are able to provide a reliable service to and from Belgium whether it is an import or an export. Belgium Shipping Routes are one of our most used routes. Learn more below about our freight forwarding service to Belgium.

Belgium routes

Belgium Shipping routes

Belgium provides the world with a host of goods ranging from: waffles, beer, machinery, car and pharmaceutical goods so for many countries, Belgium is a key import country. Even for the UK it is still one of the most important even after the post-Brexit market.

Although the UK are not an EU member, it is critical to still follow the new regulations that are required by Belgium as a member of the EU.

  • Port of Antwerpen
  • Port of Brussels
  • Port of Ghent
  • Port of Hemiksen
  • Port of Liege
  • Brussels Airport
  • Charleroi Airport
  • Ostend Bruges Airport
  • Antwerp Airport
  • Liege Airport