Tuscor Lloyds’ project cargo team is one of the best in the freight forwarding industry. Their wide range of knowledge in handling breakbulk, heavy, oversized and abnormal cargoes, ensures they can organise the delivery of your shipment. With excellent stevedoring partners and liner contacts, we are often able to negotiate space for breakbulk cargo on board container vessels, which in turn reduces cost, improves transit times and reliability. These features of our breakbulk cargo services are unmatched in the wider industry.

Breakbulk Service

Breakbulk Cargo Services

Breakbulk is a freight forwarding service we have specialised in for over 28 years, moving cargo of all sizes worldwide. Our immense experience in the freight forwarding industry allows us coordinate and handle the most demanding cargoes and find suitable solutions to benefit our customers. Global trade never sleeps and the same goes for breakbulk shipments! Some of our most impressive and interesting cargo movements have been through our specialist breakbulk service. One of these projects is listed below;

Tuscor Lloyds was contracted to move an offshore generator set comprising of a 220 Ton Engine and a 55 Ton Alternator with various oversized accessories. Due to the cargos height and weight, the generator set was loaded onto the vessel as breakbulk.

This job was an unusual one for us, the terms of shipment had our client’s buyer arranging the charter of the heavy-lift ocean-going vessel. Our responsibly was to move the cargo from storage to the load port within the nominated laycan for the heavy-lift vessel. The sizes and weights involved made this a difficult undertaking. It was a challenging job that required extensive planning and some long working days and nights for all involved.

- Supervision of cargo loading / discharging
- Competitive breakbulk rates 
- Continuous cargo management throughout the transportation 
- Stevedoring teams with specialised heavy/oversized cargo experience 
- Hazardous cargo handling -
- Special permits and customs clearance  

BreakBulk services

Breakbulk Services & Information

  • Supervision of loading / unloading operations
  • competitive rates
  • Continuous monitoring throughout the transport
  • Stevedoring team with specialized experience in heavy / oversized loads.
  • Special permits and customs clearance
  • Rent of complete ships or in part when required

BreakBulk services

Breakbulk Services & Information

Breakbulk refers to cargo that is properly packaged, but not containerized. This type of cargo must be loaded and unloaded individually piece by piece at each transfer point.


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Project cargoes are large and heavy, so delivery involves planning an optimal route, as well as offering special transport conditions, as well as obtaining all kinds of permits from the countries of origin/destination.

Break bulk cargo transportation requires determination and commitment, as well as solid knowledge of certain ports and shipping routes. Creative thinking can often solve the problems that come with transporting this cargo.


Tuscor Lloyds always looks for the most efficient and logical shipping solution because it can often offer availability and transit times that cannot be matched by conventional break bulk carriers.

Our project cargo team will be available at all times throughout the process and for the most complex jobs, they will travel to ports or loading facilities to confirm that the cargo is securely fastened and stowed correctly. Coordination with the right people in ports is essential to allow the entry of the transport to the ship, in addition to cargo handling and storage.


Our experienced team will personally meet and instruct key personnel to ensure the correct methodology to be used at the terminals, as they are often more used to handling conventional containers and not specialized cargo such as Break Bulk.

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