Tuscor Lloyds recently sent Nick Rodriguez and Steve Burgess over to Belgium to attend Breakbulk Europe 2010 Conference in Antwerp, here is what Nick had to say about his time there:

Steve and I have just returned from Antwerp after spending the last few days with our colleagues and friends in the break bulk industry at Breakbulk Europe 2010. This annual event allows our community to get together to share ideas, celebrate our successes and discuss any issues affecting our work. The Breakbulk conference also provides an opportunity to promote the unique services that the industry has to offer to the wider shipping community. The breakbulk sector is growing steadily despite the global downturn and most of us share an optimistic outlook for the future. It’s an exciting time which was reflected in the mood of the event. We are seeing new capacity coming on line, with state-of-the-art vessels and port facilities able to carry ever heavier and larger consignments. This is giving us a wider range of options when shipping for heavy industries.


Another humble observation about the Breakbulk Europe 2010 conference : the internet shrinks the world to a small portal, which is of course very useful, but sometimes our field of vision is limited and this results in missed opportunities. The event in Antwerp gave us a view of the full range of service offers and cutting edge techniques. We have been able open new doors and will be shortly launching and new range of services in the European market. These will include some excellent packages reaching the less served areas of Asia. East India, in particular Chennai and Vizag, still presents a logistical challenge for break bulk cargoes from Europe even in today’s market. We will shortly provide details of the new routings we will be adding to our services.


To everyone we spoke with and met at Breakbulk Europe 2010 it was pleasure to see you. I should also add a special thank you to the people of Antwerp who made us feel very welcome, primarily by providing an unlimited supply of the best beer in the world! This well organized, informative conference was a great success, and provides us with many opportunities for the future of our business.


Warmest regards,
Nick Rodriguez

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