This month see’s the opening of the 6th annual Breakbulk Europe 2011 Transportation Conference & Exhibition in Antwerp, Belgium.

This year’s program – Thinking Globally for the Long Haul – will feature regional and global industry forecasts presented by Breakbulk and guest speakers from leading companies from all parts of the break bulk supply chain. Tuscor Lloyds’ International Sales Manager: Nick Rodriguez was there again and enjoyed the packed program on offer this year.

The following topics and speakers were featured on the program:

  • Keynote Address – Outlook for Energy Markets by John Westwood, Chairman, Douglas-Westwood
  • Combating the Scourge of Piracy including panelist Nicolette Van der Jagt, Secretary General, European Shippers Council
  • New Future for Energy Generation including panelists Sandro Lepori, Director of Logistics, Alstom (Switzerland) Ltd and Jim Bergin, Logistics Manager, Doosan Babcock, Doosan Power Systems

The programme also featured an Executive Panel which consisted of a roundtable discussion “What Changes Should Charterers Expect in the MPV Market?”.

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