Breakbulk Europe 2017 was another fantastic year for Tuscor Lloyds! As always, the expo was full of opportunities, friendly faces and new faces.

As most of our network will know, Tuscor Lloyds have built a reputation for doing things a little differently, this year was no exception. We built our stand around our staff, showing off our incredible team and our vast global network. We designed a relaxed, intimate setting surrounded by the essential home comforts and it paid off. The stand was buzzing with atmosphere. We created a photo booth and invited anyone to come and have their picture taken, we were even able to print them out there and then for them with our mini HP Sprocket printers. After combining all the images taken by the staff, with over 250 lovely photo’s, I think we can say we had a good year!

Our General Manager Neel Ratti even spoke at one of the conference events about the insiders look at Brexit. This was also Neels 6th year at Breakbulk Europe, here’s what he had to say:

“Overall the show was a success this year. It’s always a good time to catch up with old friends and stay in touch. I think the organisers should start thinking about extending the time a little because it feels like we have less time every year and we always miss out some people! It seems to be getting bigger and bigger and there is more to see which means people have less time to spend talking. Although we have more visitors this year which is always good.

Staying near the Expo is much better for tired legs and heavy heads at the end of each day. Last thing we needed was traffic after the end of a long day drinking beer and chatting!”

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand and said hello to the team. It was a pleasure to meet so many interesting people and to fill our stand podiums with so many amazing photos! We hope that everyone enjoys their mini Tuscor Teds – be sure to tag us in your pictures we want to see how far our Ted’s have travelled!

Year at Breakbulk for Tuscor Lloyds


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Breakbulk Europe 2017

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