Tuscor Lloyds at Breakbulk Europe 2019

Breakbulk Europe is the largest Breakbulk exhibition & educational forum in Europe, supporting conventional Breakbulk and project cargo specialists. The trade show offers the chance to meet like-minded logistics professionals, shipping lines, global exporters whilst building strong relationships within the Breakbulk cargo industry.


Every year our booth represents a unique message,
and this year we invited you to our beautiful pergola
to see how we can extend your business and grow together!

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At Breakbulk Europe 2018 we welcomed you as ‘Your Cargo’s Concierge’:



Tuscor Lloyds at BBEU 2017 – ‘People at the heart of our business!’

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Tuscor Lloyds at BBEU 2016 – ‘Solving problems with creativity!

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