125 Tonne Heat Exchanger Transported From Spain to Mexico

125 Tonne Heat Exchanger Transported From Spain to Mexico

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Port of Loading: Tarragona, Spain

Port of Destination: Veracruz, Mexico

Sector: Engineering

Method: Breakbulk

Cargo: Heat Exchanger

Weight: 125 tonnes

Dimensions: 18.5m x 5m x 4.5m


Tuscor Lloyds recently completed a heavy lift project shipment consisting of large Heat Exchanger shipped from Spain to Mexico. At the request of an engineering company in Spain, Tuscor Lloyds were asked to move a 125 tonne Heat Exchanger, with dimensions of approx. 18.5 x 5 x 4.5m, from Tarragona to Veracruz. The job involved securing the piece in 2 steel cradles and fixing it to a platform trailer. Then through an abnormal load road transport with Police escort from the manufacturers to the port of departure in Tarragona where, using two heavy lift cranes, it was moved from its platform to the vessel. It was then stowed with its cradles over wooden dunnage between stacks of containers. Once loaded the piece went through several checks and precautionary measures to prevent any damage to the cargo whilst shipping to its destination, where our client was very pleased to see it arrive safe and sound.