27,880kg Reel From Southampton to Dammam

27,880kg Reel From Southampton to Dammam

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Cargo origin: Newcastle 

Cargo destination: Saudi Arabia

Port of Loading: Southampton 

Port of Destination: Dammam

Dimensions: 270x220x285 cms

Method: Out Of Gauge (OOG)

Transit Time: 30 days 

Cargo: 27,880kg Reel


On the 27th April, Tuscor Lloyds loaded 1 Reel from Newcastle weighing 27,880kg. This cargo was transported down to its designated port of loading, Southampton, where it was lashed and secured to a 20ft flat rack. This project left the port on the 14th May with a transit time of 30 days. 

The awkward shape of the cargo meant it was unable to fit in a standard container. Therefore, an out of gauge service was used to ensure the cargo arrived at its desired destination safe and secure.


Transporting Reels is nothing new to Tuscor Lloyds and with the expertise of our operations team, this is a project we were looking forward to completing. Furthermore, OOG services are an area of shipping we have vast experience in as well as being able to complete projects to customers budgets.

Project Quotes:

“This type of cargo is nothing new to Tuscor Lloyds and with innovative planning and coordination, this project was another success. There were challenging areas of the project but our 28 years of industry experience enabled us to successfully complete the cargo movement.”