29 Tonne Steel Cable Reel Transported From The UK To Egypt

29 Tonne Steel Cable Reel Transported From The UK To Egypt

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Port of Loading: Felixstowe, UK

Port of Destination: Alexandria, Egypt

Sector: Oil and Gas Industry

Method: Out of Gauge

Cargo: Steel Cable Reel

Weight: 29 tonnes


Tuscor Lloyds were recently appointed to arrange the transportation of an abnormal size cargo from Aberdeen, UK to Alexandria, Egypt. The cargo was a 29 tonne steel cable reel and the shipment was carried out for a regular client in the oil and gas industry. The cable reel had to be transported on a 40ft flat rack container as out of gauge cargo due to its dimensions: 2.7 x 2.1 x 2.8 metres.

The cable reel was first loaded on to the 40ft flat rack container using a heavy lift crane. After that, the reel was securely fixed to the flat rack container using heavy duty ratchet straps, steel wire and wooden chocks, with the aim to ensure that the cargo would be sufficiently protected throughout the journey from the UK to Egypt.

The out of gauge cargo was lifted onto a step frame truck using a heavy lift crane at the start of its journey and transported from the warehouse in Aberdeen to the Port of Felixstowe where it was again checked to ensure secure transit and given the go ahead for loading to the vessel. The flat rack container was then loaded onto the vessel using a dock side crane which is particularly suited to lifting oversized and heavy cargoes.