2 Reels transported from Antwerp to Miami as Breakbulk cargo

2 Reels transported from Antwerp to Miami as Breakbulk cargo

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Port of Loading: Antwerp, Belgium

Port of Destination: Miami, USA

Sector: Space Exploration Industry

Method: Breakbulk

Cargo: 2 x Reels

Weight: 90 tonnes


A recent and very high-profile Breakbulk Project completed by our operations team here at Tuscor Lloyds UK. This shipment consisted of 2x Steel Wire Reels being transported from the manufacturers in the UK to arrival Miami port. However due to the heavy weight and small cargo footprint of each reel, these had to travel as BBK as too heavy and dense for flat racks.

Additionally, given the cargo being extremely time sensitive, the Reels were trucked from the UK to Antwerp Port using Low-Loader trailers. Once in Antwerp, the Reels were loaded onto the vessel as Breakbulk cargo with an overall combined weight of 90 tonnes. This cargo arrived at its destination in Miami Port as planned and discharged efficiently.


This Project required innovative planning and organisation to achieve its time sensitive arrival date. Due to its end use within the Space Exploration Industry, it was vital the cargo was not delayed. With our 28 years of experience and a global network of freight forwarding professionals, our operations team were able to successfully complete the project within the desired time frame.