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Dredge hose and sleeves shipped from the UK to South Korea using flat rack containers

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Port of Loading: Felixstowe, UK

Port of Destination: Busan, South Korea

Sector: Oil & Gas Industry

Method: Out Of Gauge

Cargo: Dredge hose and sleeves


Tuscor Lloyds was contracted by a client in the oil and gas industry to organise transportation of these dredge hoses / sleeves from Felixstowe, UK to Busan in South Korea. The cargo was supplied by the manufacturer on a steel frame pallet designed specifically for this type of cargo.

These steel pallets are fitted with adjustable steel chocks and retractable strapping eyes which when used correctly with heavy duty ratchet straps will fully secure the cargo to the pallet for transportation to the delivery location. The pallet also uses a 4 point lift system to ensure cargo contained is balanced and reduce risk of accident whilst lifting/lowering the cargo between modes of transport.

Tuscor Lloyds picked up the pallets and organised for them to be lifted onto 40ft flat rack containers. The pallets had dimensions of 12.4 x 2.7 x 1.4 meters so over hung the flat rack as over length out of gauge cargo. Once the cargo was safely lifted and secured on to the 40ft flat racks it was transported by road to the port of Felixstowe from where it would be loaded on board a standard container vessel and shipped to Busan, which is South Korea’s largest freight port.

34 days after originally picking up the cargo from the warehouse in Felixstowe the shipment arrived at the port of Busan where it was unloaded. The cargo was undamaged and ready for delivery to the clients address inland from the port.

Tuscor Lloyds client was extremely happy with the efficient transportation and continued communication and support throughout the process of this shipment, which as usual arrived on time and within budget.

UK Freight Forwarder - Tuscor Lloyds
UK Freight Forwarder - Tuscor Lloyds
UK Freight Forwarder - Tuscor Lloyds