Tuscor Lloyds Moves 36 Tonnes Breakbulk From Scotland to Dubai

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Port of Loading: Dundee, Scotland

Port of Destination: Jebel Ali, Dubai

Method: Breakbulk

Cargo: Pipe Racking System

Weight: 34,000KG

Dimensions: 2785x235x325cm


Another successful breakbulk shipment of a Pipe Racking System (PRS) weighing 34 tonnes from Dundee, Scotland, to Jebel Ali, Dubai. The Project showcases the intricate logistics involved in transporting oversized cargo and highlights the benefits of breakbulk shipping on container ships for such specialised operations with critical arrival conditions to meet. 

This piece was collected from Dundee, Scotland and was discharged 22 days later in Jebel Ali, Dubai within the desired ETA for the Project.

The successful shipment highlights the overall efficiency and effectiveness of this specialised transportation method. By employing meticulous planning, specialised equipment and skilled professionals, the cargo was safely and securely transported within budget much to the delight of all parties involved.