LL6060 Bucket From South Africa to Chile

LL6060 Bucket From South Africa to Chile

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quick facts

Cargo: LL6060 Bucket

Port of loading: Port of Durban, South Africa

Port of Destination: Port of Antofagasta, Chile

Cargo dimensions: 482x421x381cm


Due to the urgent nature of the shipment the customer requested containerised transportation. The cargo, a LL6060 Bucket, was extremely heavy so an appropriate road vehicle and flatrack was sourced. Routing and vessel checks were completed to ensure best arrival date but additional checks were required at each transhipment call to ensure that all ports on route had adequate crane capacity to lift cargo at the terminal.

Derek Griffiths, Project Operations team

“The cargo moved was one of the biggest buckets available on the market.  It was collected from the manufacturing plant and secured for marine transport. It was the usual awkward shape and weighed a hefty amount – 33,500kg.  Another project done and dusted!”

UK Freight Forwarder - Tuscor Lloyds
UK Freight Forwarder - Tuscor Lloyds