8 Oversized Reels from the UK to Curacao

8 Oversized Reels from the UK to Curacao

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quick facts

Cargo: 8 x steel Oversized reels

6 x reels : 234 x 265 x 267cms – 4 @ 25,000kgs each, 2 @ 21,000kgs each

2 x reels: 210 x 230 x 232cms, 20,000kgs each

Cargo origin: UK

Collection from: Worksop

Cargo Destination: Curacao

Port of loading: London Gateway

Port of Destination: Willemstad, Curacao

Equipment used: 8 x low loaders for collection, 8 x 20’FR


How We Did It

Tuscor Lloyds recently completed another major project comprising 8 oversized steel reels.  This break bulk cargo was transported from Worksop, UK to Willemstad, Curacao.  The reels varied in weight and height, with the largest measuring in at 234 x 265 x 267cms and weighing 25,000kgs. 

The cargo was collected from Worksop and was delivered to the Port of Willemstad.  Due to the scale of the cargo and awkward shape, 8 low loaders and flatrack containers were used to facilitate the shipment.
As anticipated, the project ran smoothly from start to finish with the exception of one minor setback.  Some of the empty equipment was not in stock at London Gateway Port, so some had to be moved over from Southampton.  However, this had no impact on the overall success of the project. 


Luke Wrench, of the Tuscor Lloyds Shipping Team, oversaw this project

“Despite the current global situation pertaining to COVID-19, we still managed to complete this job without any major issues.  It feels great to be able to continue to serve our clients even in the most challenging of times.”

UK Freight Forwarder - Tuscor Lloyds
UK Freight Forwarder - Tuscor Lloyds
UK Freight Forwarder - Tuscor Lloyds