Excavator Bucket From South Africa to Australia

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quick facts

Port of loading:  Durban, South Africa

Port of destination:   Port Kembla, Australia

Cargo:  Caterpillar 6060 Excavator Bucket

Volume:   34.58 metric tonnes

how we did it

Tuscor Lloyds recently completed another breakbulk shipment from Durban, South Africa to Port Kembla, Australia. The cargo comprised of a Caterpillar 6060 Excavator Bucket, weighing in at nearly 35 tonnes.  It was shipped to its destination via a Mafi Roll Trailer. The operation was completed within 25 days, from the factory door to the destination port, in time for the customer’s requirements.  Stay tuned for more recent South African projects. 

Derek Griffiths, of the Tuscor Lloyds Operations Team said :

“Transporting CAT excavator buckets is always challenging. Due to the sheer size and awkward shape of the cargo each shipment requires detailed planning prior to collection. However due to concise planning, communication and working with an experienced and dedicated team this entire project ran smoothly, on time and with no problems along the supply chain.  Another completed project and always immensely satisfying”.