What to expect at Breakbulk Europe 2017

What to expect at Breakbulk Europe 2017

Breakbulk Europe is the largest exhibition forum in the world.

If you’re a logistics professional in breakbulk and project cargo, Breakbulk Europe is the place to go. With over 7,600 attendees last year and over 350 exhibitors, it’s still the most popular location, with people coming from all over the globe. With Breakbulk exhibitions in Russia, China, the USA, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, this expanding enterprise is offering more opportunities for networking with exhibitors, sponsors, freight forwarders, ports and terminals expo packers, ocean carriers – the list goes on.

With just 2 days for Breakbulk Europe, the agenda is packed with opportunities to learn new skills in 5 educational workshops, 6 conferences from industry experts and new this year will be 2 micro-seminars that will take place in the exhibition hall during the exhibition. There will be several more formal networking opportunities, including the opening welcome reception, a special guided tour for first-time exhibitors and VIP’s, and let’s not forget to mention Ports America’s sponsored happy hour.

After 2016 being a bit of a political roller coaster, there’s a lot of focus on how Brexit and Trump could affect the Maritime Industry. 2 of the conferences this year will be talking about trade and borders following on from the Trump Presidency and Article 50 being put into effect to trigger Brexit. 1 of these conferences will be led by our own General Manager, Neel Ratti. Neel will be looking at the educated predictions that can help the industry prepare for what the future may hold, now that Brexit is going ahead. You can join Neel for the chat on the Tuesday at 11:35 am and be sure to stick around for the Q&A.

Breakbulk 2016
Breakbulk 2016 Team
Breakbulk 2016

With only 4 weeks to go until Breakbulk Europe, the Tuscor Lloyds team are getting excited. This year will be Tuscor Lloyds 10th year at Breakbulk Europe. The exhibition has always provided a great platform to communicate the Tuscor Lloyds brand and grow our global network. Those who already know our brand know that we tend to do things a little differently, from creative stand design to quirky giveaways.

With the start of 2017 seeing lots of development in artificial intelligence and more emphasis on technology, we are putting the focus onto the amazing people at the heart of our team. This year Tuscor Lloyds are focusing on promoting how incredible our staff and network of partners are. We are inviting clients and partners old and new to be a part of our unique family.

Tuscor Lloyds have always broken the mould when it comes to what people associate with shipping. We always strive to humanise the industry and this year we are bringing our ‘home’ to our home at Breakbulk! We have created a relaxed, intimate setting, surrounded by essentials like cosy blankets, family pictures and a fireplace.

We aim to have creative and innovative chats over a cuppa or a beer. Keeping with the ‘creative design theme’ a special feature has been built into our stand this year, that will give people the opportunity to become a part of the Tuscor Lloyds family album and add us to theirs!

Be sure to come and visit us and meet our family!

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Rachel Finch

Design and Marketing Assistant

Rachel is a new addition to the family, she’s already been making waves on our social media platforms and learning more every day about the complexities of our industry. Yoga obsessed – she should be flexible enough to do the job!

Dusk to Dawn – Breakbulk Competition

Dusk to Dawn – Breakbulk Competition

Breakbulk’s first photo and video contest for 2017 is all about transport projects that take place from dusk until the early hours of dawn.


As we all know twilight is rarely the ideal time to move project cargo but sometimes it is necessary due to highway regulations or timing requirements. Breakbulk have launched a competition asking global break bulk specialists to send in their low light travels on the water, at a port, a landing field or on dry land.

All photo and video entries will be displayed at Breakbulk China 2017, 13-16 March at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) in Shanghai, China. The photo winner will be featured in Issue 1 of Breakbulk Magazine 2017.

Tuscor Lloyds will be exhibiting at Breakbulk Europe this year. We’re looking forward to another fantastic show! After our success at last years exhibition, we are designing a homey-feel this year, centering our stand around people, just like our business.

Tuscor Lloyds Sunrise in Malta

For this competition, we have selected an image taken by our very own Neel Ratti. Neel captured the shot while on location in Malta, as he enjoyed the sun rising over the port one morning. Neel travelled to Malta to oversee the smooth relocation of offshore oil and gas equipment, making its way from Malta to Aberdeen.

Thanks to his experience in the industry and amazing connections we have made over the years, the whole job only took 15 days from start to finish. See below the breath taking image he captured for us!

Impressed? VOTE for our entry in the Breakbulk competition here!

Call: +44 (0) 161 868 6000 | Email: projects@tuscorlloyds.com

Breakbulk Crazy Cargo Photo Competition

Breakbulk Crazy Cargo Photo Competition

Our projects team have moved some weird and wonderful cargo over the years, so the latest Breakbulk photo contest ‘Crazy Cargo’ was not to be missed.

The competition required the most unusual and/or exceptionally large and heavy pieces of cargo transported from around the world. It was a difficult decision shortlisting just one entry, so we’ll share with you Tuscor Lloyds Crazy Cargo Countdown…

3. Art of Shipping – Rise through Education Sculpture 

We took creative shipping to a literal meaning when asked to move an original sculpture created by contemporary Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, entitled ‘Rise through Education’. This journey saw Tuscor Lloyds transport the piece from Barcelona to its new home in Nhava Sheva, India.

The Art of Shipping – Rise through Education Sculpture

2. Time flies in Tuscor Lloyds projects!

It’s not every day you are asked to assist with shipping a helicopter. Our Mexico-based client operates an exclusive air chartering company in North America, with a fleet of private jets and helicopters designed for high-profile clientele. Tuscor Lloyds assembled a team of specialised packers, engineers and equipment to meet the aircraft in order to prepare it for transport.

Shipping Helicopter to Mexico

1 Tuscor Lloyds Horsing around – Our Breakbulk Contest Entry!

Our team are not often accused of horsing around, but this shipment from Felixstowe to Philadelphia really set the bar for crazy cargo. The unusual shipment was made all the more pressurised with the delivery being time sensitive as the sculpture was required at an event in the USA.

This unusual out of gauge project cargo had dimensions of 10.3 x 3.4 x 3.2 meters and weighed 7 tons. The shipment was picked up in Felixstowe; where the sculpture was built and transported by road to the port of Felixstowe where it would be shipped to the USA.

The sculpture was required at an event being held close to the port of Philadelphia, and once unloaded the cargo was stripped from the 40ft flat rack, and loaded onto another low load trailer for the movement to the event.

Tuscor Lloyds Horsing around Breakbulk

Impressed? VOTE for our entry in the Breakbulk competition here!

If you feel you have some crazy cargo and not sure where to start then get in touch with our projects team using the details below or follow the link here to complete our quotation form.


Call: +44 (0) 161 868 6000 | Email: projects@tuscorlloyds.com

Breakbulk On the Waterfront Photo Contest

Breakbulk On the Waterfront Photo Contest

Breakbulk have launched another fantastic photo competition ‘On the Waterfront’ bringing together the very best in the Breakbulk industry.

So much of our work takes place on or near the water – so the feature has been a great chance to showcase some of our most difficult projects over the past few years.

A Chinese Epic – Power Station Boiler China to Italy

Tuscor Lloyds have two entries in the competition. The first being an image captured from ‘A Chinese Epic’ Breakbulk shipment of 115 tonne power station boiler, transported from Hunan province in China to Venice in Italy.

The boiler’s dimensions at 1425cm long x 400cm wide x 425cm high meant that it was necessary to make use of a specialised low load trailer to ensure safe navigation of bridges along the road between the shipper’s door and the port.

A specialist team of surveyors and trailer operators followed the cargo along the full 1242km route to Shanghai solving problems along the way. Due to the tenacity and perseverance of the road team, the boiler arrived safely in Shanghai in time to be loaded onto the contracted vessel.

The image captured the moment the boiler was loaded as Breakbulk cargo on board the mother vessel using a beast of a floating crane.

China to Trieste Boiler Tuscor Lloyds On The Water

Offshore Crane – Xiamen to Netherlands

The second entry captures the movement of an Offshore Crane in Xiamen, China. Tuscor Lloyds arranged for the charter of a Heavy Lift Vessel from Xiamen, China to Rotterdam, Netherlands the cargo was an urgently required offshore crane due to be fitted out on-board our clients jack up rig, the heaviest item weighing 126 metric tonnes and measuring over 23 Metres long 6.7 Metres wide and over 7 Metres high.

China to Netherlands Tuscor Lloyds On The Water

The loading itself took place late June in Southern China, Typhoon season was just underway and with the vessel due to report to the pilot station within a few hours the port was closed at the orders of the harbour master pending the threat of Typhoon Tamil. But that was not to stop our Project Manager Nick Rodriguez, “We simply don’t draw a line at who’s responsible for what our approach is look at everyone’s role and learn what they will be doing and try to act as a maestro bringing in the right people and skills at the right time and that I’m sure is what sets us aside from others in the market.”


It looks as though there is some fierce competition with fantastic images submitted by all entries! Why not take a further look at the competition here as Breakbulk are giving all voters the chance to win $150 POKEMON Water Gift Basket.

Tuscor Lloyds at Breakbulk Europe 2016

Tuscor Lloyds at Breakbulk Europe 2016

Many of our customers will know that we love using creativity to solve project cargo problems and so this year’s Breakbulk Europe 2016 exhibition is a chance for Tuscor Lloyds to showcase our creative nature.

What is Breakbulk Europe?

Breakbulk Europe is the largest Breakbulk exhibition & educational forum in Europe, supporting conventional Breakbulk and project cargo specialists.Tuscor Lloyds Breakbulk Europe 2016

The trade show offers the chance to meet like-minded professionals and build strong relationships within the Breakbulk cargo industry.

What can you expect from Tuscor Lloyds?

Last year Tuscor Lloyds hosted an afternoon tea party event that was a great success for the team. Treating our European friends to a lovely slice of cake and English tea. Take a look at just some of the images from our stand here.

We have a hard-won reputation for integrity and excellence within the projects and Breakbulk industry. Our team provides services for moving cargoes of all descriptions in some of the world’s most inaccessible destinations.

With a global network of over 200 partners and agents, we offer to our customers a large choice of transportation options at extremely competitive rates. Our ability to move a wide variety of cargo from container loads to complex multimodal projects makes Tuscor Lloyds the right partner to piece together any shipment.

So as we use creativity to solve problems we want visitors to our stand to unleash their creative side and colour their journey with Tuscor Lloyds. With some fantastic give-aways and a few surprises in store, be sure to stop by our stand in Hall 4!

Tuscor Lloyds Stand 403H4

7 do’s and don’ts: Breakbulk Europe Antwerp

7 do’s and don’ts: Breakbulk Europe Antwerp

After returning back from another fantastic Break Bulk Exhibition in Antwerp, the Tuscor Lloyds team have compiled a list of the key do’s and don’ts whilst visiting the Expo.

DO watch your stand being built

There is little more satisfaction than seeing months of work being made a reality in front of you. Contractors piece together enormous structures as if they were playing with Lego. If you are able to travel to the expo before opening to view your company stand being built, it is a fascinating experience.


DO Visit Bier Central

When you enter a pub with a beer encyclopaedia for you to ponder, you know you’re going to have a good night. With a selection of 300 different Belgian beers, Bier Central is the place to soak up some Belgian culture after a long day running last minute errands before the expo opens its doors.

DO Sample some Culinary Delights

As the saying goes when in Rome do as the Romans do. When in Belgium if you go away without trying Mussels, Frites, Beer, Chocolate or Waffles you have only yourself to blame!


DON’T Miss Tuscor Lloyds Afternoon Tea

This year at the expo Tuscor Lloyds decided to host an afternoon tea party to celebrate our British heritage, and allow our friends, colleagues and partners in the industry to taste some traditional English culture. The event was a great success with everyone stopping by to take a break and pick up their Tuscor Lloyds goody bags.

BBE Tuscor Lloyds  2015-14

DON’T get lost on the tram

The tram to and from the exhibition is notoriously busy but what isn’t as reported is how easy it can be to miss your stop. Or like the Tuscor Lloyds team take the completely wrong line. Cue surfacing in a random location and drowning some data to find our way back to the accommodation.

DO enjoy some post show refreshment

After a hard day manning the stand, what better way to unwind than a fantastic post show event? This year Tuscor Lloyds joined Splitehoff for their Roast Chicken party. It was a brilliant night full of ravenous exhibitors and attendees looking for the chance to sample some of Jurgen the Chicken Boys finest produce.


DO Head over to Den Engel

In the heart of the city, the crowds gather and when the buildings light up the shadows cast really make this location something special and a great final stop for your Antwerp tour.


Missed the projects team in Antwerp? Take a look at some pictures from the event on our facebook page.

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