Our Breakbulk Europe 2018 Experience!

Our Breakbulk Europe 2018 Experience!

They say, ‘the best things in life are free’, and it is definitely true up to a point. But the follow-up to this quote should go: ‘yet there are some worth paying for, and one of them is Breakbulk Expo’! Could you think of a better way to enjoy yourself in a great company and widen your network at the same time?

Each year, Tuscor Lloyds invests in the BB Event and spends months preparing for it. The exhibition has been a platform for us to communicate our brand and grow our network, and it has never disappointed us.

This year was just as amazing as always, and some say, it was even better! We met lots of incredible, inspiring people and we hope these connections become valuable relationships over the next months. The heat did not stop any of us enjoying our time at Breakbulk Europe.


Thank you

To everyone who visited us at our stand!

To everyone who shared their thoughts and valuable insights!

To all the regular visitors who pop in every year to catch up and say hello!

To all the new visitors who found our stand and services interesting!

We hope to stay in touch!

As always, for Tuscor Lloyds, people are the most important ingredient of a successful business. Therefore no one should be surprised – Breakbulk is our favourite event!

The other exciting part of the Exhibition, is thinking up unexpected themes for our stand. For years we’ve been choosing concepts which allow us to express our team’s creativity and individuality. This year we presented Tuscor Lloyds as Your Cargo’s Concierge because we believe this expresses our commitment. A Concierge is someone you can rely on to have the most accurate knowledge and savvy in a certain subject/place. A Concierge is someone who will assist you with various tasks and can help you to solve the most awkward problems. And this is exactly what we do on daily basis! Our approach to logistics is to provide our partners with tailor-made solutions and treat each of them with care.

Through all these years in the industry, we have long realised that there is no perfect strategy, but there is a perfect approach – treat your customers individually and each shipment with care.’

General Manager of Tuscor Lloyds

Here is the video we’ve prepared to remember this great experience, have a look!

Instead of using the bells we handed out at the show, we highly advise using cell phones. We are always there ready to deliver the perfect customer service. Call us when you need!

Thank you!

Tuscor Lloyds Team
Destination Bremen – Breakbulk Europe 2018

Destination Bremen – Breakbulk Europe 2018

Each year, the world’s largest exhibition for the project cargo and breakbulk industry gathers professionals together to share thoughts, strengthen connections and start new relationships.


For more than a decade it has been a ‘not to be missed’ event for cargo owners, ocean carriers, freight forwarders, ports and terminals and all who are interested in this vibrant industry! We are sure this year, Breakbulk Europe will be just as great as always, even though for the first time it will be held in a different location.

Will BREMEN, in northern Germany, meet the expectations of the Breakbulk Europe attendants?

We bet it will! And as during this year’s exhibition, we are calling ourselves ‘Your cargo’s concierge’, we are duty-bound to introduce Bremen to you with some of its best assets and secrets!

There is no surprise Bremen was chosen as the new hub for the shipping industry professionals. Bremenports are Europe’s fourth-largest container handling terminal, Germany’s second largest port, and, most of all, Germanys No. 1 breakbulk port! But terminals in Bremen and Bremerhaven handle actually all kinds of freight and are very universal. They are called a hotspot for logistics expertise, with more than 1,000 companies in the docks, transport and logistics industries, and a centre of competence for maritime safety. The twin ports are constantly developing and improving their services and they will definitely continue to rank amongst the most important universal ports in Europe.

What about the city of Bremen itself? Attending the Breakbulk Europe Exhibition is a great occasion to enjoy its charms! There is plenty of choice among the popular attractions of Bremen and everyone seeking some cultural experiences will find something interesting.

Bremer Marktplatz, as home to some of the greatest of the city’s attractions, is a perfect start to explore the city. You can find there one of the most beautiful civic buildings, The Town Hall, and its five-and-a-half-meter-tall Roland statue, which are among Bremen’s main historical attractions and since 2004 they have enjoyed UNESCO World Heritage status.

Another place not to miss would be Böttcherstrasse, the city’s most famous 100-metre-long lane full of remarkable architecture, museums, art studios but also charming shops and restaurants that are fun to explore.

There is also an interesting interactive science centre, called Universum, with over 300 exhibits you can play with while getting some knowledge about Nature, Humans and Technology. The impressive futuristic building is reminiscent of a maritime creature, but the question is, is it rather a mussel shell or a whale?

Of course, the city of Bremen has much more to offer and among the 25 Best Things to Do in Bremen, you will definitely find your favourite ones!


We have been preparing for the exhibition for months, and nothing excites us more than meeting you all in Messe Bremen.
If you are wondering why we call ourselves ‘a cargo’s concierge’, pop around and have a chat with our breakbulk specialists!
We will be there at the stand 648, always at your service!


In the meantime, have a look at the infographic that will let you explore Bremen in just a few minutes!

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What to expect at Breakbulk Europe 2017

What to expect at Breakbulk Europe 2017

Breakbulk Europe is the largest exhibition forum in the world

If you’re a logistics professional in breakbulk and project cargo, Breakbulk Europe is the place to go. With over 7,600 attendees last year and over 350 exhibitors, it’s still the most popular location, with people coming from all over the globe. With Breakbulk exhibitions in Russia, China, the USA, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, this expanding enterprise is offering more opportunities for networking with exhibitors, sponsors, freight forwarders, ports and terminals expo packers, ocean carriers – the list goes on.

With just 2 days for Breakbulk Europe, the agenda is packed with opportunities to learn new skills in 5 educational workshops, 6 conferences from industry experts and new this year will be 2 micro-seminars that will take place in the exhibition hall during the exhibition. There will be several more formal networking opportunities, including the opening welcome reception, a special guided tour for first-time exhibitors and VIP’s, and let’s not forget to mention Ports America’s sponsored happy hour.

After 2016 being a bit of a political roller coaster, there’s a lot of focus on how Brexit and Trump could affect the Maritime Industry. 2 of the conferences this year will be talking about trade and borders following on from the Trump Presidency and Article 50 being put into effect to trigger Brexit. 1 of these conferences will be led by  the Tuscor Lloyds team. The conferences will look at the educated predictions that can help the industry prepare for what the future may hold, now that Brexit is going ahead. You can join us for the chat on the Tuesday at 11:35 am and be sure to stick around for the Q&A.

Breakbulk 2016
Breakbulk 2016 Team
Breakbulk 2016

With only 4 weeks to go until Breakbulk Europe, the Tuscor Lloyds team are getting excited. This year will be Tuscor Lloyds 10th year at Breakbulk Europe. The exhibition has always provided a great platform to communicate the Tuscor Lloyds brand and grow our global network. Those who already know our brand know that we tend to do things a little differently, from creative stand design to quirky giveaways.

With the start of 2017 seeing lots of development in artificial intelligence and more emphasis on technology, we are putting the focus onto the amazing people at the heart of our team. This year Tuscor Lloyds are focusing on promoting how incredible our staff and network of partners are. We are inviting clients and partners old and new to be a part of our unique family.

Tuscor Lloyds have always broken the mould when it comes to what people associate with shipping. We always strive to humanise the industry and this year we are bringing our ‘home’ to our home at Breakbulk! We have created a relaxed, intimate setting, surrounded by essentials like cosy blankets, family pictures and a fireplace.

We aim to have creative and innovative chats over a cuppa or a beer. Keeping with the ‘creative design theme’ a special feature has been built into our stand this year, that will give people the opportunity to become a part of the Tuscor Lloyds family album and add us to theirs!

Be sure to come and visit us and meet our family!
Tuscor Lloyds at Breakbulk Europe 2016

Tuscor Lloyds at Breakbulk Europe 2016

Many of our customers will know that we love using creativity to solve project cargo problems and so this year’s Breakbulk Europe 2016 exhibition is a chance for Tuscor Lloyds to showcase our creative nature.

What is Breakbulk Europe?

Breakbulk Europe is the largest Breakbulk exhibition & educational forum in Europe, supporting conventional Breakbulk and project cargo specialists.Tuscor Lloyds Breakbulk Europe 2016

The trade show offers the chance to meet like-minded professionals and build strong relationships within the Breakbulk cargo industry.

What can you expect from Tuscor Lloyds?

Last year Tuscor Lloyds hosted an afternoon tea party event that was a great success for the team. Treating our European friends to a lovely slice of cake and English tea. Take a look at just some of the images from our stand here.

We have a hard-won reputation for integrity and excellence within the projects and Breakbulk industry. Our team provides services for moving cargoes of all descriptions in some of the world’s most inaccessible destinations.

With a global network of over 200 partners and agents, we offer to our customers a large choice of transportation options at extremely competitive rates. Our ability to move a wide variety of cargo from container loads to complex multimodal projects makes Tuscor Lloyds the right partner to piece together any shipment.

So as we use creativity to solve problems we want visitors to our stand to unleash their creative side and colour their journey with Tuscor Lloyds. With some fantastic give-aways and a few surprises in store, be sure to stop by our stand in Hall 4!

Tuscor Lloyds Stand 403H4

[INFOGRAPHIC] Tuscor Lloyds celebrating ten years of Breakbulk Europe

[INFOGRAPHIC] Tuscor Lloyds celebrating ten years of Breakbulk Europe

Next week Breakbulk Europe will celebrate its 10th anniversary hosting over 7000 break bulk and project cargo specialists.

It has been a successful decade for Breakbulk Europe since the first exhibition in 2006. The expo has consistently moved from strength to strength with hundreds more visitors catching up on the latest trends and strategies in the shipping industry.

The Breakbulk brand has reached far across the globe, with more expos starting up in continents, such as the middle east, Asia and Africa. Tuscor Lloyds has also thrived within that time, opening several offices in key locations, including Breakbulk Europe’s home, Antwerp.

To commemorate the ten years of Breakbulk Europe we have created a special infographic showing the journey of the Breakbulk Exhibition and Tuscor Lloyds throughout the decade.


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Afternoon Tea at Breakbulk Europe 2015

Afternoon Tea at Breakbulk Europe 2015

Breakbulk Europe 2015 is the largest breakbulk exhibition & educational forum in Europe, supporting conventional break bulk and project cargo specialists. The trade show offers the chance to meet likeminded professionals and build strong relationships within the breakbulk cargo industry.

With the exhibition celebrating its 10th anniversary, it seemed only fitting for Tuscor Lloyds to plan something different. The theme for the show, ‘piecing it together’, refers to Tuscor Lloyds ability to piece together complex project shipments across borders, using multiple transport modes and methods.

Tuscor Lloyds have a hard-won reputation for integrity and excellence within the projects and breakbulk industry. Our team provides services for moving cargoes of all descriptions in some of the world’s most inaccessible destinations.

Although our team roam far and wide, they always look forward to returning home, with a warm welcome and a nice cup of English tea. This provided the inspiration for Tuscor Lloyds afternoon tea event that took place Wednesday 20th May. Between 11-4pm, if you were to stumble across stand 403h4, Antwerp Expo hall 4 and you would find an afternoon tea extravaganza.

A variety of world tea’s (and coffee of course for our European friends), accompanied by sandwiches and cakes, as well as traditional English scones. We could not think of a better way to celebrate our British heritage with all our customers, colleagues and friends in the industry and the event proved to be a roaring success.

Did you miss us at Breakbulk Europe 2015? Check out all the news and pictures from the event here! Or why not take a look at our [INFOGRAPHIC] 10 years of Tuscor Lloyds and Breakbulk