Breakbulk WATERWORLD Photo Competition

Breakbulk WATERWORLD Photo Competition

Word has it that seaborne trade accounts for about 90% of the global trade. It’s a great choice of transport for any cargo that is an oversized and heavy load and travels a long distance. Despite all the GHG emissions, shipping is still more environmentally friendly than airfreight and definitely more economical. Longer transit times do not scare people away and this year the WATERWORLD Breakbulk Europe photo contest expects lots of participants!

Photos taking part in this year’s first competition must picture jobs that took place on or near water, ‘whether that’s across the open seas, down the Rhine or across the Great Lakes.’

And without a doubt, it’s worth a shot! Not only we will see all the pictures on display at the event but there is something special for the lucky winner!



‘All entries will be on display at Breakbulk Europe, 29-31 May 2018 in Bremen, Germany. Winning photo will be printed in Breakbulk Magazine Issue 3, featured in the WaterWorld Display at the event, AND … the winner will be a part of the official ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Welcome Reception!’

– Breakbulk says

Cargoes transported by our project teams do indeed spend lots of time on the water, as we specialize in project cargo shipments that often require this form of transport due to its size and weight. Yet usually it’s not the only transport mode that we choose for our projects. We focus on combining different solutions that improve the transit time and provide the best quality, efficiency and safety of the shipment to keep our customers happy with the service!


Here are the images we selected for the WaterWorld competition:


We were asked to move crane components from the manufacturers in Xiamen China to the end user in Amsterdam. Total shipment was 389 tonnes and 2300 CBM.

The image shows the pre-carriage of one of the pieces from the manufacturers quay to the deep sea terminal in Xiamen where we loaded the piece onto a heavy lift vessel which we had chartered for the job.

We moved 5 boilers and their installation ducts from a factory in inland China. The 5 projects combined came to 944 tonnes and 37500 CBM.

The image shows loading of one of the main boilers which travelled by river barge on the Yangtze to Yangshan port in Shanghai where it was consolidated on a container vessel with its installation components, which travelled to Shanghai on the on road and were stuffed to flat racks.

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Which industries move the most demanding cargoes?

Which industries move the most demanding cargoes?

Through 23 years of experience in shipping logistics, we have had a chance to work with many different industries. We welcomed challenges and managed thousands of various shipments to the world’s most inaccessible destinations. Our open attitude enabled us to quickly grow our experience and become specialists in project cargo shipments.

Now, in 2018, the most demanding projects are just the part of our everyday life. We have been consistently building our reputation and relationships in the various industries.

We are aware that project cargo shipments are not just about moving huge things around the world. Each industry and each element requires different knowledge and different approach.

The Oil and Gas Industry shipments need to reach the most remote destinations due to the discoveries of new fields or technological advancement happening all over the world. Thanks to our geographical understanding and flexibility, we can move oversized and heavy equipment to the distant locations in the most cost-effective way! Therefore, we are often trusted to manage oil and gas equipment on its way to the new location.

↓ Subsea Oilwell Equipment from Malta to the UK

We are also a trusted logistics supplier for the Construction Industry. Expensive and specialist construction equipment is not easy to be moved, but time is crucial here and meeting the deadlines is the key to a successful shipment. Our advantage comes from trusted suppliers and qualified teams in various locations, ready to pick up demanding cargo and prepare it for the journey quickly and professionally.

↓ Asphalt Plant from Mexico to Libya

It is similar if it comes to the Mining Industry. Not only are the mining operations carried away from areas of major infrastructure, but they also require equipment which cannot be moved without specific knowledge of different project cargo services. Fortunately, we have both the experience in the industry and connections all over the world, which allow us to move any mining equipment in the safe and timely manner.

↓ 32 Pieces of Mining Equipment from Belgium to Peru

Finally, we also provide logistics services for the Renewable Energy Transportation. We are happy to take part in any initiatives that help humans to live in more sustainable and environment-friendly way! We are also aware of how delicate and gentle these materials can be, therefore we are ready to offer bespoke solutions and qualified teams to handle these specific cargoes and make sure it arrives in perfect condition!

↓  Solar Farm Installation from Shanghai to the UK

In the end, all the projects we have worked on in the past, made us understand one thing: if you want to move shipments defined as project cargo – there is no standardized process, there is no pattern. Each shipment can surprise you in many ways and we need to be flexible and creative to meet our customer’s expectations.


Yet this is exactly what brought us here – knowledge of traditional methods and courage to use them in an innovative way.
Piecing things together in logistics

Piecing things together in logistics

‘Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers or corporations.’ – Wikipedia

Well, that is a very diplomatic and juiceless way of describing logistics, it almost hurts. It requires a bit more effort and imagination to put that vibrant picture into words. Hundreds of busy people who can gain or lose in seconds, making thousands of phone calls, writing millions of emails and using uncountable numbers of resources to get things done. And all that, usually repeated several times during one shipment. As circumstances seem to change before you finish the last call, Murphy’s law should be actually called ‘the law of freight’.

Taking all that into consideration, the above description given by Wikipedia needs some updating. And although Wikipedia itself doesn’t really match with our perception of a relevant and trustful information source, it’s understanding of logistics, unfortunately, matches perfectly with what some tech-focused entrepreneurs seem to think.


As we can imagine some smart AI technology ‘managing the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption’, we need to stop ourselves laughing at how it would soothe a docker’s upset stomach, or rescue important documents deluged with coffee from a broken paper cup in the warehouse, or any other ‘sophisticated’ issues that can happen in any part of the chain.

And the chain of shipping logistics is not a short one, nor an easy one. And most definitely, it is less binary. Here not only can you experience numbers other than 1 and 0, but you can also expect digits that have not yet been created, and yes, you better have some backup plan for it.

In shipping, digital schedule and excel charts matter, but other things matter more. Information is the very base of the process – it is what you begin with. And at this point, we appreciate all the helpful tools that tech-savvy influencers propose. But the deeper you get to logistics, the more you appreciate your human senses; ability to react spontaneously, experience enriched by many successes, and more importantly failures, your common sense, that helps you to make the right decisions under pressure. But the most important human factor is your relationships. Machines will not be able to possess it any soon, if ever. Because when your own perspective fails and your own knowledge is not enough, there are people around you. People who will support you with their creative ideas, with their various viewpoints, and with their simple preference based on your friendship.

This is what logistics is, in the end. It is piecing things together. Experiences, ideas, piecing people together to find the best possible solutions, that ‘meet requirements of customers or corporations’.


Not only do we believe, we are sure, that these complex tasks, that we face every day, are not able to be managed by a machine. And in the end, when we all succeed, when your cargo gets to that remote destination – it is a great feeling to call and say: Thank, you. You’ve done great job guys, we can always count on you.


Instead of just clicking OK after the ‘Process completed’ prompt appears, and turning the computer off.

Imagination takes you everywhere

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. - Albert Einstein As people, we differ a lot. Our personalities are built from various experiences. We might have different perspectives and interpret the same situations in different...

Christmas jumper day and Secret Santa

Christmas jumper day and Secret Santa

Last Friday at Tuscor Lloyds was nothing like a normal day. First of all, it was Friday, but what was even more exciting, we celebrated Christmas at our office.

We had decided to go for something casual and thoughtful, as we wanted to appreciate this festive time in an easy-going, yet engaging way. Celebrating Christmas Jumper Day seemed to be an easy choice. We’ve added some nice buffet food and Secret Santa draw, which ended up not being secret, but revealing the Santa is the best part of it, isn’t it?

But apart from sharing gifts, talking about less work-related things and enjoying each other company while snacking on some good food – there was something more to our festive celebration.

We have joined Christmas Jumper Day to raise some money around the office because we believe it is a great occasion to help little ones in need getting the brighter future.

Lots of children around the world are missing such essential things like the hot meal, healthcare, education. Sometimes – because instead of being cheerfully welcomed, they were abandoned and left away from people that would love them and give them support. Sometimes – because they were born in a different part of the world. The world that makes them fight for life, even though at this point, they might not even know what life really is.

We believe Christmas is such a special time when all the people have that feeling and desire to share. To spread love, good words, smiles. To support each other. And having some festive dinner at work is a great way to do it! Yet we encourage everyone, to use this occasion of togetherness both to enjoy each other company and support people in need.

Christmas is such a happy time of the year, let’s make it happy for as many good souls, as possible.

We wish you Happy Holidays!
Have a great festive time, enjoy yourselves,
and have a happy New Year!

– from the whole Tuscor Lloyds team

Exploring the OOCL UNITED KINGDOM vessel

Exploring the OOCL UNITED KINGDOM vessel

At the end of September, OOCL commemorated the christening of the latest 21,413 TEU containership to join their fleet this year and last Friday they kindly invited one of the Tuscor Lloyds team to visit the Port of Felixstowe to help them celebrate the vessels maiden voyage.

Named the OOCL UNITED KINGDOM, the vessel is one of the carrier’s ‘G Class’ vessels which are known to be the world’s largest by carrying capacity. The OOCL fleet is planned to contain 6 vessels in total and OOCL United Kingdom is the 4th vessel after OOCL Germany / Hong Kong / Japan.



“The shipbuilding process is a complicated one. From hull form design, machinery selection, fabrication to assembly, the shipyard must be able to bring a concept on paper to become a technically sound and economically viable product for the shipowner, the shipyard, the makers and sub-contractors. Adding on the fact that many aspects of this class of vessels are in fact record-breaking, be it size or machinery capacity and output, I think SHI should be very proud that it has achieved this goal in the safest and most efficient manner.”


Mr Alan Tung

Chief Financial Officer , OOCL

On Friday, Nathan Lang, who is a part of our Operations team had the unique opportunity to enjoy a mini-tour of Felixstowe port and to visit & board the OOCL United Kingdom. What was his impression of this brand new mega vessel? Let’s hear him out:

‘’The day consisted of a mini-tour of the port and then a visit to the vessel where we got to board and visit the captains bridge; once on board the vessel, there was a lift available up to the captains Bridge, or you could walk up the stairs; I took the stairs both up and down; it was 9 x stories & safe to say walking down was easier than walking up. On the bridge, the captain kindly gave us his time to explain different aspects of the vessel/operations and to answer questions across a range of topics that included DG cargo/Reefer Cntr’s/Breakbulk cargo – crew welfare + revealing that the vessel had its own football pitch as one of the facilities available for the crew! The port also presented the captain with maiden voyage plaques for the vessel.

It was an incredible experience and gave a unique insight into port & vessel operations. Prior to boarding I felt like an ant looking up at the vessel and the masses of stacked containers and when on board, looking out from the captain’s bridge in the windy conditions, wasn’t for the faint-hearted’’

Nathan Lang

Tuscor Lloyds

Click on the picture to see the slideshow with more photos from the event!


Big thanks to OOCL for this amazing opportunity!

Both Nathan and our mini Tuscor Ted enjoyed the day with you!

My Summer Fling with the Shipping Industry

My Summer Fling with the Shipping Industry

Have you ever had a summer romance? I have. Six short, summery weeks spent with international logistics.

I’ve been around shipping all of my life, in fact, I owe a lot of thanks to it. Both of my parents met working for a shipping line, so I guess you could say I’m an indirect product of the industry. But, I never really understood what their job involved. Yes, nobody expected me to understand but I don’t think I was a total outsider, my parents would discuss their day at the dinner table, so I had an idea of the ins and outs of the industry, but it still seemed, dare I say it, trivial. From my cavalier teenage perspective, shipping was an utterly mundane, utterly banal job that had no broader significance.

And how my childish naivety proved wrong and my summer internship at Tuscor Lloyds, my ‘fling’ if you will, pointed to how wrong I was.

I joined the Media team to learn about international trade and to write on matters regarding the logistics sector. Reading the industry press and engaging with current affairs highlighted the politics, drama and overall importance the industry has in the wider international community.

It only took me 18 years, but now I could finally appreciate my parents and the rest of the industry who are a huge significance in wider international relations.

The shipping industry is the backbone of international trade and in this industry, it’s the people with creative ingenuity who solve the tough logistical problems and keep international trade ticking. 90% of the world’s cargo is carried by sea so the industry is a necessity for trade. Seaborne cargo is the most efficient form of logistics that can meet the demands of the modern world. Without the industry, the import and export of goods could not be moved at the scale that is required. This has created a guaranteed demand for the sea freight industry, a demand that’s set to grow as more countries become industrialised and this has made the shipping industry a huge financial and political asset.

But somehow the future of the industry seems unknown. A sense of confusion and unpredictability is clouding over the industry as shipping lines continue to dig themselves into a deep hole.

The industry has suffered in a state of overcapacity. Drewry estimated that, in November 2016, the combined capacity of idle merchant ships totalled to 1.7 million TEU. In 2016 this capacity would fetch 4th in the carrier capacity rankings. The industry reached this point as shipping lines raced to the bottom on prices as they raced to the top on capacity and this has caused huge losses for shipping companies with an additional case of bankruptcy that sent disaster across the entire supply chain.

Yet, the industry buys out competitors to increase capacity, orders new diesel ships instead of zero-emissions and test high-tech blockchain systems when it isn’t ready to handle a cyber-attack and, just like a summer romance, this cannot be sustained.

I don’t know whether this is arrogance from carriers who expect a state bail out if they were to fail. Trade relies on the cooperation with shipping lines and they are pushing what they can get away with right to the limit. But this is a ludicrous idea and profound changes need to happen in the industry to head down a sustainable path, if not, questions will linger about the future of the industry.

Alas, the sun goes down alone; my summer fling draws to a close. I wonder what will become of international shipping, the one I spent that summer with.

Breakbulk WATERWORLD Photo Competition

Word has it that seaborne trade accounts for about 90% of the global trade. It’s a great choice of transport for any cargo that is an oversized and heavy load and travels a long distance. Despite all the GHG emissions, shipping is still more...

Port Focus: Mexican Ports

During last few years Mexican authorities have been working on the major port modernization program for Mexican ports to meet the increased demand for logistics and supply services. They are investing about 48 billion pesos ($3.2 billion) in the projects...

Imagination takes you everywhere

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. - Albert Einstein As people, we differ a lot. Our personalities are built from various experiences. We might have different perspectives and interpret the same situations in different...

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