‘Tis The Season For Sharing

‘Tis The Season For Sharing

As the song goes, Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year”.  However, this is not the case for everyone.  This year, our Christmas campaign is centered around mental health, to highlight this important issue.  

Mental health charity Mind found the consequences of the pressure to have “the perfect Christmas” leaves one in 10 people feeling unable to cope.

Christmas is a time for sharing and we want to encourage people to do just that but not necessarily in the form of gifts!  We want to remind people to talk and share their feelings this Christmas and also be there to listen to others who need to open up and talk.  The simple act of sitting down, having a cup of tea and a chat with someone can make all the difference this Christmas. 

In the spirit of sharing, we have created a dedicated hashtag #ShareThisChristmas.  Use this hashtag to remind people around you that you are available to listen if someone needs to talk.  The hashtag is also a reminder to you, to open up and share this festive season.  

Sometimes, just sharing can make a world of difference. Sharing is caring! Have a wonderful Christmas from the whole of the Tuscor Lloyds team!