Personalised Logistics Services For All Types Of Industries

Personalised Logistics Services For All Types Of Industries

Over the course of Tuscor Lloyds’ history, there have been many sectors that have shaped our shipments. Season-after-season, we have focused our efforts in diverse business fields, gradually becoming specialists in a larger number of industries thereby achieving an increasingly heterogeneous portfolio of clients



Now that we are in the culmination of 2013, we take a look back pleasantly acknowledging the wide range of cargo we have worked with during the year, highlighting several industries in terms of quantity of shipments, for example in exports, the food industry which, from different parts of Spain, has made it possible for our olives, oil, wine, chocolate and citrus to have a greater presence in countries like Canada, USA, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, amongst others. The furniture, chemical and textile industries are certainly other areas that have prevailed this year, not forgetting of course the raw materials and ceramic industries.

Regarding imports, our main business areas in 2013 have been automotive and medical devices, followed closely by the editorial and machinery industries, which have allow us to double the volume of our shipments compared with 2012.

After this review of the past, we look forward again to the future, where we will keep working to gain the confidence and loyalty of our clients though hard word, perseverance and passion for our continuous improvement.

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Mexico – The Best Country for Business?

Mexico – The Best Country for Business?

The Mexican economy overcame the 2008-2009 global financial crisis and emerged stronger, recording solid growth rates averaging a 4.5% between 2010, 2011 and the first three quarters of 2012.

It is expected a GDP continuous growth of 4% for the coming years.

Several aspects attract the attention of investors to Mexico:

  • The increasing energy potential, more specifically in renewable energy and energy saving.  Mexico occupies the 4th position worldwide, in geothermal generation.  It’s the leading supplier of photovoltaic modules in Latin America and one of the countries with the most solar radiation. Mexico is also one of the countries with the most potential for wind power generation worldwide (the state of Oaxaca).
  • The oil sector extractive industry is presenting significant business opportunities, meetings and investment and development programs for companies in the oil and engineering industry.
  • Mexico is the 8th largest manufacturer of cars and the 5th largest exporter of vehicles. The automotive sector generates 3.6% of the Mexican GDP and 3M estimates production vehicles in 2015.
  • The competitiveness in terms of labor costs of manufacturing makes it a very attractive option for various industries.

Tuscor Lloyds is perfectly positioned with three Mexico offices, in Mexico City, Manzanillo and Veracruz.  The Tuscor Lloyds Mexico offices handle import/export operations in Mexico connecting this ever-growing and important market to the rest of the globe.

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Export Cargo Packaging Service Now Offered By Tuscor Lloyds

Export Cargo Packaging Service Now Offered By Tuscor Lloyds

Tuscor Lloyds now offers the ‘full package’, with new export cargo packaging service


Conveniently based in the heart of the country at East Midlands Airport, the new depot has the capacity to handle and package all types of freight.

Tuscor Lloyds has a 20,000 square foot site available, with up to 16 tonne lift capacity.  There’s plenty of space and capacity to offer cargo packing, container stuffing, lashing, chocking and securing as preparation for deep-sea voyages.

The operation encompasses skilled joinery of wood, metal or composite crates, palletising, racking, vacuum packing, heat treatment, sealing, cargo marking, dunnage and packing. In accordance with packing regulations in many countries, pre-treated materials can be used as required.

The company has developed the service in cooperation with a trusted and highly professional warehousing partner of many years. Drawing on their long experience and integrity in the industry, Tuscor Lloyds has the capability to offer the new service to its customers with confidence that the job will be done right.

A Tuscor Lloyds General Manager said: “We’ve already started to use the facility for storage and we’re excited about being able to offer this to our valued customers. We know there is definitely a demand for packing in the market and we look forward to a long and healthy friendship with our partners in this service.”

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