Tuscor Lloyds specializes in air freight and sea freight services to Chile, focusing on efficient transportation of Copper, Iron, Oil, and Gas. Our tailored solutions encompass container shipping and swift air freight options, meeting diverse cargo needs. With our expertise and comprehensive network, we ensure reliable and streamlined shipping solutions, optimizing trade connections with Chile.

Chile routes

Chile Shipping routes

Chile, situated along South America’s western edge, is renowned for exporting key raw materials like Copper and Iron globally. The country’s primary imports consist of Oil and Gas. Container shipping services serve as the predominant mode for cargo transport to Chile, while air freight remains favored by businesses seeking swift transit times.

As a freight forwarding company, Tuscor Lloyds orchestrates shipping routes to Chile through specialized Air Freight and Sea Freight Services, catering to diverse supply chain requirements.

Tuscor Lloyds extends comprehensive air freight and sea freight services tailored to Chile’s specific trade needs. Whether it’s leveraging container shipping for efficient cargo transport or ensuring rapid transit via air freight, we offer reliable transportation solutions, reaffirming our commitment to facilitating seamless trade connections to and from Chile.

  • Port of San Antonio
  • Port of Valparaiso
  • Port of Arica
  • Port of Coquimbo
  • Port of Iquique
  • Port of Antofagasta
  • Arturo Merino Benítez Airport
  • Andrés Sabella Gálvez
  • Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport
  • Carriel Sur International Airport