Last Friday at Tuscor Lloyds was nothing like a normal day. First of all, it was Friday, but what was even more exciting, we celebrated Christmas at our office.

We had decided to go for something casual and thoughtful, as we wanted to appreciate this festive time in an easy-going, yet engaging way. Celebrating Christmas Jumper Day seemed to be an easy choice. We’ve added some nice buffet food and Secret Santa draw, which ended up not being secret, but revealing the Santa is the best part of it, isn’t it?

But apart from sharing gifts, talking about less work-related things and enjoying each other company while snacking on some good food – there was something more to our festive celebration.

We have joined Christmas Jumper Day to raise some money around the office because we believe it is a great occasion to help little ones in need getting the brighter future.

Lots of children around the world are missing such essential things like the hot meal, healthcare, education. Sometimes – because instead of being cheerfully welcomed, they were abandoned and left away from people that would love them and give them support. Sometimes – because they were born in a different part of the world. The world that makes them fight for life, even though at this point, they might not even know what life really is.

We believe Christmas is such a special time when all the people have that feeling and desire to share. To spread love, good words, smiles. To support each other. And having some festive dinner at work is a great way to do it! Yet we encourage everyone, to use this occasion of togetherness both to enjoy each other company and support people in need.

Christmas is such a happy time of the year, let’s make it happy for as many good souls, as possible.

We wish you Happy Holidays!
Have a great festive time, enjoy yourselves,
and have a happy New Year!

– from the whole Tuscor Lloyds team

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