Tuscor Lloyds has many clients in the construction industry and they choose us because they know they can trust our Construction Industry Shipping expertise. 
With a team who specialises in the Construction Industry, you know you can rely on us to transport your cargo within the estimated arrival time.  Our experience enables us to anticipate problems and a flexible approach allows us to adapt to cargo and delivery demands imposed by the customers.
construction shipping experts
Construction Shipping

Tuscor Lloyds is a trusted choice for clients in the construction and agriculture industries who require expert handling of expensive and specialized construction equipment shipments. Our extensive expertise in construction industry logistics and project cargoes sets us apart.

Our dedicated teams possess the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively manage heavy equipment shipments to and from challenging and remote locations. With our experience, we proactively anticipate potential issues, and our flexible approach allows us to adapt to the ever-changing conditions and methods in the specialized equipment shipping industry.

To ensure the highest standards, our heavy equipment transportation teams work with top suppliers who excel in loading and lashing. When transporting construction industry project cargoes, our project managers meticulously assess the requirements and select the most suitable service, whether it involves out of gauge, break bulk, vessel charter, or RO-RO. We prioritize client needs, considering factors such as cost, time scale, and schedule reliability to provide the optimal solution.