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Tuscor Lloyds has many clients in the construction industry and they choose us because they know they can trust our Construction Industry Shipping expertise. 
With a team who specialises in the Construction Industry, you know you can rely on us to transport your cargo within the estimated arrival time.  Our experience enables us to anticipate problems and a flexible approach allows us to adapt to cargo and delivery demands imposed by the customers.
construction shipping experts
Construction Shipping

Our vast experience in the construction industry is demonstrated within our case study projects. One of these projects being an LL6060 Bucket from South Africa to Chile. Due to the awkward shape, an appropriate road vehicle and flatrack was sourced. ]

This cargo was one of the biggest buckets available on the market, highlighting the knowledge and expertise our operations team possess when moving cargo from the construction industry.

Our global connections were utilised in our Batam Island case. Due to the lack of liners to Batam Island, we had to employ our partner in Singapore to hire a barge to move the cargo from Singapore to Batam Island.

- Temperature controlled vehicles and reefer containers
- Stuffing and un-stuffing services
- Multiple pick-up and delivery
- Freight Insurance
- Customs clearance and documentation
- Stock of certified ISO / CSC plated shipping containers -