Tuscor Lloyds is a major operator of worldwide logistics and a recognised force in the global container shipping industry. We have established relationships with key personnel at all the major container shipping lines, allowing us to provide high-quality full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) services with competitive rates and priority for space and equipment.

Our experienced FCL shipping agents are located in key transport hubs, giving us minute by minute intelligence on port operations and container vessel movements. We pass this knowledge to our customers along with access to our connections with major freight carriers and ship owners. 

Container Shipping

Container Shipping Services

Container shipping is our bread and butter, it is something we have masted over our 28 years of industry experience. Regardless of the destination, our team has a vast array of shipping agents that we can offer to the customer. Our networking allows us to transport cargo to the most remote destinations, as well as ensuring the cargo arrives on time and with competitive FCL container shipping rates this makes it within the customer budget.

Our global connections were utilised in our Batam Island case. Due to the lack of liners to Batam Island, we had to employ our partner in Singapore to hire a barge to move the cargo from Singapore to Batam Island.

- Temperature controlled vehicles and reefer containers
- Stuffing and un-stuffing services
- Multiple pick-up and delivery
- Freight Insurance
- Customs clearance and documentation
- Stock of certified ISO / CSC plated shipping containers -

Container Shipping(FCL)

Full Container Load (FCL) Information:

  • Access to temperature-controlled vehicles and refrigerated containers
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation services
  • Pickup and delivery
  • cargo insurance
  • Customs clearance and document preparation specialists
  • Consolidation, storage and distribution
  • Container transport / ISO Certification

Container Shipping(lCL)

Less than Container Load (LCL) Information:

  • Consolidation, storage and packing / unpacking services
  • Wide variety and flexible selection on all our routes.
  • cargo insurance
  • Customs clearance and document preparation specialists
  • Deconsolidation and storage.
  • last minute reservations
  • Lowest LCL container shipping rates
  • Containers in stock of “CSC plated” ready for shipment 


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Frequently Asked Questions

FCL shipments are used when a conventional container can be filled by the same customer to be transported.

LCL cargo transportation services are required when a client does not have enough cargo to fill a container, so transport is cheaper in Tuscor Lloyds group transport due to the fact that it gathers several loads in a single container to be delivered to several customers.

There are a number of advantages/disadvantages for both LCL and FCL container shipping. If you are a small or medium business and do not have enough inventory to fill a standard container, then LCL is recommended as the most cost effective method of transporting it. If you are a large company with enough stock to fill a container, then FCL transportation is the way to go.

To make a reservation, we will need the following:
-Shipper address and contact details
- Receiver's address and contact details
- Description of the merchandise / cargo (weight, size, etc.)

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