Each year, the world’s largest exhibition for the project cargo and breakbulk industry gathers professionals together to share thoughts, strengthen connections and start new relationships.


For more than a decade it has been a ‘not to be missed’ event for cargo owners, ocean carriers, freight forwarders, ports and terminals and all who are interested in this vibrant industry! We are sure this year, Breakbulk Europe will be just as great as always, even though for the first time it will be held in a different location.

Will BREMEN, in northern Germany, meet the expectations of the Breakbulk Europe attendants?

We bet it will! And as during this year’s exhibition, we are calling ourselves ‘Your cargo’s concierge’, we are duty-bound to introduce Bremen to you with some of its best assets and secrets!

There is no surprise Bremen was chosen as the new hub for the shipping industry professionals. Bremenports are Europe’s fourth-largest container handling terminal, Germany’s second largest port, and, most of all, Germanys No. 1 breakbulk port! But terminals in Bremen and Bremerhaven handle actually all kinds of freight and are very universal. They are called a hotspot for logistics expertise, with more than 1,000 companies in the docks, transport and logistics industries, and a centre of competence for maritime safety. The twin ports are constantly developing and improving their services and they will definitely continue to rank amongst the most important universal ports in Europe.

What about the city of Bremen itself? Attending the Breakbulk Europe Exhibition is a great occasion to enjoy its charms! There is plenty of choice among the popular attractions of Bremen and everyone seeking some cultural experiences will find something interesting.

Bremer Marktplatz, as home to some of the greatest of the city’s attractions, is a perfect start to explore the city. You can find there one of the most beautiful civic buildings, The Town Hall, and its five-and-a-half-meter-tall Roland statue, which are among Bremen’s main historical attractions and since 2004 they have enjoyed UNESCO World Heritage status.

Another place not to miss would be Böttcherstrasse, the city’s most famous 100-metre-long lane full of remarkable architecture, museums, art studios but also charming shops and restaurants that are fun to explore.

There is also an interesting interactive science centre, called Universum, with over 300 exhibits you can play with while getting some knowledge about Nature, Humans and Technology. The impressive futuristic building is reminiscent of a maritime creature, but the question is, is it rather a mussel shell or a whale?

Of course, the city of Bremen has much more to offer and among the 25 Best Things to Do in Bremen, you will definitely find your favourite ones!


We have been preparing for the exhibition for months, and nothing excites us more than meeting you all in Messe Bremen.
If you are wondering why we call ourselves ‘a cargo’s concierge’, pop around and have a chat with our breakbulk specialists!
We will be there at the stand 648, always at your service!


In the meantime, have a look at the infographic that will let you explore Bremen in just a few minutes!

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