Tuscor Lloyds specializes in air freight and sea freight services tailored for Egypt’s supply chains, utilizing the Suez Canal’s strategic route. Offering diverse shipping options, including container shipping and swift air freight, we ensure efficient cargo transit. With expertise in custom solutions, our services guarantee reliable and versatile transportation, optimizing trade connections to and from Egypt.

Egypt routes

Egypt Shipping routes

Egypt, home to the crucial Suez Canal witnessing over 50 daily ship passages, offers direct access from Europe to Asia, saving time and expenses. Tuscor Lloyds, as a freight forwarding company, regularly organizes shipping routes through this vital waterway.

Container shipping is prevalent for cargo movement to Egypt, while air freight serves businesses seeking swift transit times. Our comprehensive services encompass diverse air freight and sea freight options, tailored to meet varied supply chain requirements.

Tuscor Lloyds extends its services to include comprehensive air freight and sea freight options tailored to suit various supply chain needs for Egypt. Whether businesses prioritize rapid transit via air freight or seek container shipping solutions, we offer versatile and reliable transportation services to and from Egypt, ensuring efficient cargo movement through the Suez Canal.

  • Alexandria Port
  • Damietta Port
  • Port Said
  • Cairo International Airport
  • Sharm El Sheikh International Airport