The integrated global network of Tuscor Lloyds makes the world smaller,
offering easy and efficient transportation for your cargo. 

Proven Success in Global Markets

If you’re looking for a company to move your cargo, then you need a project cargo handler you can trust. Project shipments usually involve transporting expensive, delicate, or urgent freight/cargo so choosing the right agent for your cargo is extremely important.

Over our extensive history as a project cargo handler, we have proven our success in Latin America, North America and Europe, in recent years we have worked hard to open up the African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets and have found great success with clients in these difficult markets.

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How do we do it?


We are one of the few forwarders who can consistently provide stability of service and schedule across multiple trades. This includes breakbulk, air freight and shipping conventional cargo on board container ships.


Since forming in 1994 we have always sought to grow our global network. Now after 23 years, as an international shipping agent we have made strong and trusted connections. Our shipping staff across the globe work closely with over 200 trusted agents in more than 80 countries.


We handle complex shipments that demand a high level of service from experienced personnel. Our innovative shipping methods for cargo projects improve transit times, reliability and can reduce transportation costs.

Transport & Equipment

Our network of agents and brokers will locate the right combination of transport for the job, negotiating the best routes and prices. With trusted partners across the world we are able to locate the most appropriate services to suit every project and requirement.