Tuscor Lloyds specializes in air and sea freight services for import and export to Europe. Our services cover diverse cargo needs, leveraging efficient transportation modes for goods like machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, and aircraft. With expertise in navigating popular ports and a global network, we ensure reliable, tailored shipping solutions, facilitating seamless trade connections within Europe and beyond.

Europe routes

Europe Shipping routes

In 2021, the European Union witnessed a 23% surge in goods imports and a 13% rise in goods exports compared to the previous year. Notably, mineral fuels, oils, and distillation products accounted for a value exceeding $450 billion in imports.

For import and export needs to and from Europe, Tuscor Lloyds presents specialized Air Freight and Sea Freight services. With a vast network encompassing key ports in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, The UK, and more, our offerings ensure efficient cargo transportation worldwide. Tuscor Lloyds extends reliable and tailored air and sea freight services, facilitating seamless import and export operations to support diverse trade connections.