Far East shipping routes are covered by countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam.

Far East routes

Far East Shipping routes

Some of the largest countries in Far East Asia include Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Bruni, and Singapore. These countries are the very popular for lots of different reasons such as tourism. Countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia experience a lot of backpackers due to their eye-catching landscape and attractions.

These countries are extremely important for shipping as they are the main gateway to other countries such as Australia and smaller parts of Asia.

China and Singapore are home to the first and second biggest ports in the world (shanghai Port and Singapore Port), highlighting the volume of cargo that passes through the Far East.

  • Shanghai Port 
  • Singapore Port            
  • Ningbo-Zhoushan Port           
  • Shenzhen Port 
  • Port Klang 
  • Hong kong international airport
  • Kuala Lumpur international airport
  • Beijing capital international airport
  • Brunei International airport
  • Haneda Airport