Tuscor Lloyds’ specialized air and sea freight services cater to France’s significant trade landscape, ensuring efficient transportation solutions for diverse cargo needs. With expertise in handling machinery, aerospace products, and pharmaceuticals, we offer competitive rates and timely deliveries. Our tailored freight services guarantee reliable transportation, making us a trusted partner for seamless imports and exports to and from France’s diverse industries.

France routes

France Shipping routes

France, a significant European economic force and a pivotal EU member, boasts a highly developed and diverse economy. The nation’s major imports comprise machinery and equipment, vehicles, crude oil, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. In contrast, its key exports include machinery, aerospace products, perfumes, cosmetics, and beverages. At Tuscor Lloyds, we specialize in comprehensive air and sea freight services for both import and export requirements, ensuring seamless transportation solutions for France’s varied imports and exports across these key industries.

  • Port of Marseille
  • Port of Le Havre
  • Port of Fos sur Mer
  • Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport
  • Paris-Orly Airport
  • Nice Cote d'Azur Airport