Tuscor Lloyds is renowned for its air freight and sea freight services in and out of Germany. As a freight forwarding company, we pride ourselves on our ability to import or export your cargo.

Learn more below about our freight forwarding service to Germany.

Germany routes

Germany Shipping routes

Exporting is a huge part of the German economy, with an estimated $123 billion worth of cars being exported in 2020 alone. This makes Germany the largest exporter of cars in the world. Usually, cars are transported via sea freight unless a quicker transit time is required. For example, F1 cars may be transported via air freight as their season consists of weekly races across the globe. A roll on roll off (RORO) service is usually used when transporting vehicles via sea freight

At Tuscor Lloyds we are confident in being able to find the most suitable service for your cargo at a price that matches your budget and time frame. We specialise in cargo within the oil & gas industry, construction industry, mining industry and renewable energy industry.

  • Port of Hamburg
  • Port of Wilhelmshaven
  • Port of Duisburg
  • Port of Rostock
  • Port of Emden
  • Frankfurt am Main Airport
  • Hamburg Airport
  • Munich Airport
  • Dusseldorf Airport
  • Stuttgart Airport