Breakbulk Europe Exhibition is something we look forward to every year. It’s a great opportunity for the logistics industry and breakbulk & projects cargo specialists to meet up and spend exciting time exchanging ideas, getting to know each other and strengthening connections.

It offers a variety of networking possibilities, educational forums and business opportunities. Walking along the halls you can engage with like-minded professionals and visit their booths to get to know their brand and services better. Have a look at the video from Breakbulk Europe 2019:

Tuscor Lloyds has been attending the exhibition for many successful years and have always found the event a perfect platform to express our unusual & creative approach to freight forwarding.

We’ve been known to surprise our visitors with some unconventional booths, however, this year was even more special to us thanks to our 25th anniversary! 

Being in the industry for a quarter of the century already, we have moved the most demanding cargo all over the world. Collaborating with our customers to help them with their logistics challenges we always believed that partnership and focusing on the best assets of each party allows both businesses to grow together.

Efficiency and skills in logistics can be ‘bolted on’ without the need to invest time and money expanding the existing workforce.

Why buy a bigger house when you can extend it?

That’s why this year we invited attendees to extend their companies with our logistics expertise and concentrate on what they are good at – building a successful business.


Have a look at the gallery on the right to see more photos from the event!

At Breakbulk Europe 2019, we welcomed our guests in the beautiful pergola full of greenery, symbolizing growth and extension. 

It was a pleasure to spend time together in this cosy environment. As the world of shipping and logistics is getting more and more digitalised and corporate, we enjoy bringing some family-style atmosphere to the expo to remind everyone that in the end, it is all about people!

We’d like everyone to remember that at Tuscor Lloyds there is always a friendly face to talk to, and through teamwork, we manage to solve the most bizarre shipping riddles.

Our guests loved the easy-to-care-for plants they were presented with at the stand and we hope they will keep reminding them how we can grow together!

During Breakbulk Europe 2019, we had a great pleasure to take part in a project ‘the Women of Breakbulk Europe’, which aimed to promote the incredible women in the project cargo industry. Our Business Development Manager, Emma Fitton talked to Leslie Meredith about her experiences:

We hoped you enjoyed visiting our pergola,

and we look forward to growing together!

We found this year’s expo to be a huge success, meeting all the fantastic people and building new relationships. It was a pleasure to celebrate our 25th anniversary accompanied by our friends and partners. We hope you enjoyed Breakbulk Europe 2019 and we look forward to Breakbulk Europe 2020. 

Get in touch with our specialists to talk about ‘extending your business’!

See you next year!


Thank you!

Tuscor Lloyds Team
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