over 29 years specialising in International Freight Forwarding Services

Tuscor Lloyds are a shipping agent based in Manchester, with a global network of freight agents, partners and suppliers, Tuscor Lloyds have built a reputation forintegrity and excellence within the International Freight Forwarding industry.


Looking to move heavy cargo that won’t fit in a container? Breakbulk is the solution for you.

Air Freight

If you require fast, reliable transport of your cargo, air freight is the best service for you.

Container Shipping

Container shipping is the cheapest form of sea freight, offering the best value for money.

Ship Chartering

When cargo cannot be loaded onto standard container ships, we find suitable charter vessels.

Out Of Gauge Cargo

Out of gauge will be your best sea option for cargo that will not fit the dimensions of a container.

Cross Trade Shipments

If you require to get your good across the world to the most challenge of places.


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