Tuscor Lloyds have Ivory Coast shipping routes running through almost every continent. 

As a freight forwarding comapny, we pride ourselves on being able to move cargo of all sizes to areas of the world, such as Batam Island & Malta.

Ivory Coast routes

Ivory Coast Shipping routes

Despite only having one airport with scheduled flight traffic, in 2020, a total of 4.32 million ton-kilometres of air freight was moved in Ivory Coast. Their main imports are crude petroleum, rice, frozen fish, medicine, vehicles and machinery.

As a freight forwarding company, we understand moving cargo isn’t simple but we aim to make it as straightforward as possible for our customers with door-to-door service. At Tuscor Lloyds, our prices for both air freight and sea freight are competitive so they can suit your budget! 

  • Port of Abidjan 
  • Lion Terminal 
  • Port of San Pedro 
  • Banco Bay 
  • Espoir Marine Terminal 
  • Port Bouet Airport  
  • Soko Airport  
  • Dabou Airport  
  • Guiglo Airport 
  • Tabou Airport