Liberia shipping routes are very common due to its location on the West Coast of Africa. We have regular shipments in and out of Western Africa via air freight and sea freight.

We offer multiple container types to fit your cargo height, width and weight. 

Liberia routes

Liberia Shipping routes

25% of imported goods is machinery equipment which makes Tuscor Lloyds the perfect shipping agent for Liberia shipping routes. We have a specialist team that work with the transportation of heavy cargo, including machinery in the oil & gas, mining and construction industry.

With over 28 years of experience moving machinery for international companies, we believe we offer the highest standard of service at market competitive prices.

  • Port of Monrovia 
  • Port of Buchanan 
  • Port of Greenville 
  • Port of Cape Palmas 
  • Port of Harper 
  • Roberts International Airport 
  • Spriggs Payne Airport 
  • Buchanan Airport 
  • Lamco Airport 
  • Nimba Airprot