Operating in Southeastern Asia, Tuscor Lloyds excels in managing the transportation of Oil and Gas, a significant sector in Malaysia’s trade. Our expertise ensures seamless logistics solutions for both imports and exports to and from Malaysia. Leveraging an extensive network, we offer efficient shipping routes connecting Malaysia with key global partners such as China, Singapore, the United States, and Japan. Explore our tailored air and sea freight services to optimize your supply chain needs.

Malaysia routes

Malaysia Shipping routes

Located in Southeastern Asia, Malaysia engages in a robust import-export industry, particularly dealing with approximately $25 billion worth of Oil and Gas. As specialists in this sector, Tuscor Lloyds ensures a dependable and proficient service for cargo both to and from Malaysia. Our diverse shipping routes connect Malaysia with its primary partners, including China, Singapore, the United States, and Japan. For swift transit times, our Air Freight service stands as an optimal choice to meet your varied supply chain needs. Count on Tuscor Lloyds for tailored air and sea freight solutions catering to import and export requirements.

  • Port Klang
  • Port of Tanjung Pelepas
  • Port of Johor
  • Port of Penang
  • Port of Bintulu
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport