Mauritania shipping routes are popular within the freight forwarding industry. This is mainly due to their main imports consisting of machinery and construction goods. As a freight forwarding company, we have considerable experience in the movement of cargo for the construction and mining industry.

Mauritania routes

Mauritania Shipping routes

Mauritania is a popular freight forwarding destination located in Northern Africa. Due to some of the largest natural oil and gas discoveries in recent years, Mauritania is well known for its oil exports. In addition, it holds one of the largest resources of iron and ore.

As it sits on the Atlantic Ocean, there are a lot of connections between the west and Northern Africa. The biggest imports into Mauritania are machinery and construction goods.

Tuscor Lloyds deal with the transportation of construction goods on a regular basis and have strong connections within West and North Africa.

Nouakchott Port 

Nouadhibou Port 

  • Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport
  • Nouadhibou International Airport