Mining equipment can be very large and heavy which usually requires Specialist Equipment Shipping to remote mining operation areas of major infrastructure.

Organizing heavy equipment project transportation can involve many different project cargo services, including RO-RO, out of gauge, breakbulk and vessel charters.

Mining Industry
Mining Equipment Shipping

For over 28 years, Tuscor Lloyds has been a trusted provider of project logistics solutions for the mining industry.

The organization of heavy equipment project transportation often requires various project cargo services such as RO-RO, out of gauge, break bulk, and vessel charters. Our dedicated project managers are committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective heavy haulage services for industrial mining equipment. We collaborate with reliable industry contacts and source specialized heavy shipping equipment to ensure smooth shipments every time.

Through our strong global network of contacts, including agents, heavy cargo packing experts, specialist equipment suppliers, and marine surveyors, we oversee the loading and unloading of all heavy equipment. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the heavy haulage and mining industry, we provide high-quality logistics solutions for mining equipment to clients worldwide.

Tuscor Lloyds’ meticulous attention to detail and ability to optimize costs and transit times, while maintaining the highest safety standards, has established us as a preferred project logistics provider for the mining industry. We cater to shipments of any size or weight, offering reliable mining equipment logistics solutions for this earthmoving industry.