Mining equipment can be very large and heavy which usually requires Specialist Equipment Shipping to remote mining operation areas of major infrastructure.

Organizing heavy equipment project transportation can involve many different project cargo services, including RO-RO, out of gauge, breakbulk and vessel charters.

Mining Industry
Mining Equipment Shipping

For more than 29 years, Tuscor Lloyds has remained a reliable partner in providing project logistics solutions tailored to the mining industry’s unique demands.

Arranging the transportation of heavy equipment for mining projects involves a spectrum of specialized cargo services like RO-RO, out of gauge, break bulk, and vessel charters. Our dedicated project managers are committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective heavy haulage services specifically designed for industrial mining equipment. Collaborating with trusted industry contacts, we source specialized heavy shipping equipment to ensure seamless shipments on every occasion.

With a robust global network encompassing agents, heavy cargo packing specialists, equipment suppliers, and marine surveyors, we oversee the comprehensive loading and unloading of all heavy mining equipment. Leveraging our profound understanding of the heavy haulage and mining sector, we consistently deliver high-quality logistics solutions tailored for mining equipment transportation to clients worldwide.

Tuscor Lloyds’ unwavering focus on detail, cost optimization, timely transit, and adherence to stringent safety protocols has cemented our reputation as the preferred project logistics provider for the mining industry. Irrespective of size or weight, we offer dependable logistics solutions for mining equipment, catering comprehensively to the earthmoving sector’s transportation needs.