Tuscor Lloyds offers a freight forwarding service for air freight or sea freight to the Netherlands. This includes imports or exports at competitive prices. We handle the whole supply chain management from the cargo warehouse to the desired destination to allow our customers to focus on other areas of their business. There will always be a way of transporting cargo within the requested time frame. Learn more below about our freight forwarding service to Netherlands.

Netherlands routes

Netherlands Shipping routes

Not only is the biggest freight forwarding event (Breakbulk Europe) based in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) but it is also a popular destination for imports/exports. With cities such as Amsterdam, located close to many ports, there is no surprise it is a freight forwarding hotspot. Tuscor Lloyds has regular shipments both going in and out of the Netherlands.

Our service is well known for being reliable & trustworthy, with customers being pleased with every project. We have experts in both air freight and sea freight, therefore, choosing a freight forwarding service should not be a problem for customers. No matter the height or width of the cargo, we will find a solution to get your cargo to its desired destination within its estimated arrival time.

  • The Port of Rotterdam
  • The Port of Amsterdam
  • The Port of Moerdijk
  • Port of Ternuezen