Tuscor Lloyds’ air and sea freight services to New Zealand emphasize expert handling of heavy cargo. Our tailored solutions encompass out-of-gauge and breakbulk shipments, ensuring secure transit for oversized machinery. With a global logistics network, we offer flexible routes, timely delivery, and meticulous planning, showcasing our commitment to efficient freight management and reliable transportation to New Zealand.

New Zealand routes

New Zealand Shipping routes

Tuscor Lloyds adeptly manages air and sea freight shipments to New Zealand, overcoming geographical distance from the UK. Our expansive global logistics network ensures seamless cargo transit worldwide, employing flexible shipping routes for timely delivery. Specializing in heavy machinery—integral to New Zealand’s imports—our services encompass meticulous handling of oversized cargo through options like out-of-gauge, breakbulk, and ship chartering. These tailored solutions epitomize our commitment to comprehensive freight management, guaranteeing efficient transportation across air and sea routes.

With a team of experts specializing in heavy cargo logistics, Tuscor Lloyds provides exemplary services for New Zealand-bound shipments. Our proficiency in air and sea freight operations enables us to navigate complex shipping requirements, offering precise and innovative solutions. Whether transporting machinery or mechanical equipment exceeding container dimensions, our focus on out-of-gauge, breakbulk, and ship chartering ensures secure and timely cargo delivery, solidifying our reputation as a trusted freight forwarder to New Zealand.

  • Port of Tauranga

  • Port of Auckland

  • Port of Wellington

  • Napier Port

  • Lyttleton Port

  • Auckland Airport

  • Christchurch International Airport