Evergreen vessel freed after a month

Evergreen vessel freed after a month

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Over a month of being stuck in the Chesapeake Bay, the 1,096-foot Ever Forward container ship has been freed. The vessel became stuck on the 13th March after leaving Baltimore. It remains unclear what caused the grounding, however, her sister ship, the Ever Given became stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal just last year. Consequently, disrupting global ​supply chains. 

There were two previous attempts to free the Ever Forward vessel which were unfortunately unsuccessful. This prompted an attempt to remove approximately 500 of the 5000 containers on board. With the uncertainty of when the vessel may be freed, alternative solutions were required.

With the help of high tides and under a full moon, on Sunday morning salvage vessels were able to move the Ever Forward into a deeper shipping channel.

Luckily, the vessels grounding did not result in any injuries, damage or pollution. There were no major disruption to shipping lanes due to the grounding, which was not the case for its sister ship, Ever Given the previous year. The grounding of the Ever Given resulted in several hundred ships to be stuck in a traffic jam.

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