Freight forwarding delays have potential to “wreak havoc” on F1

Freight forwarding delays have potential to “wreak havoc” on F1

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News summary

With the current crisis in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been global supply chain issues and widespread freight delays. MotoGP has already suffered from freight delays after having to cancel the first day of the action at the Argentine Grand Pix.

In addition, F1 has also had close misses. F1 team, Haas, unfortunately had to miss the start of the Bahrain test when some of its freight was delayed following a plane problem. Not only are the delays affecting specific F1 teams, but they’re also disrupting the whole event itself. DHL also had to pull off a rescue mission in order to save several pieces of equipment for three teams ahead of the Australian GP.

F1 experienced its biggest ever season in 2022 and with the world cup starting in at the end of the year, they are keen to get the season finished by November. This has meant the second half of the campaign is especially compact which could prove to be a problem with the ongoing freight delays. Consequently, this leaves an extremely tight timescale for turnovers between races.

To what extent will freight delays affect the second half of the F1 season?

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