Icave Visit

Icave Visit

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In the bustling world of international trade and logistics, Billie, Mirella along with our colleagues from Tuscor Lloyds Mexico, Catalina and Jose, visited the ICAVE port in Veracruz - Mexico!  

A captivating experience, providing a broad insight into the port operations and the collaborative efforts that ensures the smooth handling of cargo. The experience shed light on various aspects, revealing the detailed processes involved in port management.

Let’s hear their vibrant story of their trip…

Greeted with a warm welcome from the ICAVE staff – Paulina Moctezuma who provided a knowledgeable tour, giving valuable insights into the diverse operations within the port and the access granted to the control tower further demonstrated the careful monitoring and management of port activities, showcasing a co-ordinated blend of human skills and technological advancements. 

Mirella detailed several fascinating observations during the tour. Notable among these was witnessing the efficient handling of containers aboard the “MSC AGRIGENTO” vessel, showcasing the precision and speed of port operations.

Another highlight was the Remote Operation System (ROS) room, where the cranes are controlled, emphasising the port’s technological advancements.

“One of my favourite parts was visiting the “ROS” room, from this room there was a group of engineers controlling the cranes remotely with joysticks, like they were playing a computer game! The precision was incredible, and it was fascinating to see!” – Mirella

One other aspect was the visibility provided into customs inspections and procedures. Watching these processes firsthand allowed understanding of cargo handling at its destination, highlighting the importance of compliance and efficiency in international trade. 

The logistical skills of the port, left a lasting impression on the team, showing the result of effective planning and accomplishment. 

“Time management was something that stood out and impressed me. Everything worked like a well-oiled machine.” – Billie  

Hi-tech innovations, for container transport and remote-operated cabins, underlined the port’s commitment to adopting modern solutions for higher efficiency and safety. 

“They use robotic machines within the terminal to help transport containers. Cabins were operated remotely by staff for movement of the containers in the terminal.” – Billie & Mirella

This experience helped better the teams understanding regarding the shared efforts among different teams within the port, highlighting the importance of controlled operations and streamlined communication for successful outcomes. 

“The way every team / section just seems to work flawlessly together, was interesting being in the control room/tower and speaking to the people in charge of planning the vessels, how they get full visibility of what is being discharged and loaded.

It was also really interesting to see the area of the port were the “previos” are taking place, we hear this word “previo” on day to day basis, so was great to see firsthand how they are actually done.” – Mirella

The experience is a demonstration to the growing existence of women in logistics. An example of a positive shift towards empowering women. Trips like the visit to ICAVE Veracruz port, not only provided learning experiences but is an inspiration to women who are considering to pursuing a career in logistics and related fields.

As the logistics landscape continues to develop, women will undoubtedly play an increasingly vital role in shaping its direction and driving positive change. It is about breaking boundaries and paving the way for a future where diversity succeeds, and women continue to play a central role in shaping the industry.

Every journey brings with it a great deal of experiences, learnings, and connections and this delightful visit contributed to an understanding of port logistics and industry dynamics. Thank you to Paulina Moctezuma, and all the ICAVE staff for allowing the team to witness firsthand the details of port operations and the technology used, highlighting the importance of adaptability and continuous development in navigating the complexities of global trade and logistics. 

See you soon Mexico!