Meet The Team – Howie

Meet The Team – Howie

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Operations Clerk Howie Butterworth has been with Tuscor Lloyds for 4 years!

Specialising in sea and air freight exports. He exhibits our core values, in particular, ‘love of the work’, and ‘customers’ requirements’ by providing A-class service and ‘building long-lasting relationships’.

Howie is entrusted with organizing and loading cargo for the duration of its respective journey. This includes arrival at the specified sea/airport as well as its arrival to final customers. Howie also handles the imperative responsibility of completing export entries and arranging accurate documentation for every shipment.

He thrives in ensuring bookings are loaded on time and sailed on scheduled vessels and flights.

When asked: “What is the most challenging project you have worked on?” Howie answered: “Often cargo for certain customers requires a pre-approval and extra documentation from custom authorities; typically due to the commodity of the cargo.  So, you have to be extremely careful on these bookings and ensure everything is in place before cargo is collected/shipped’.

It’s rewarding to complete a complex task, coming together as a team and to hear the customer is very happy with our services.

We appreciate your dedication Howie! 

Howie Butterworth

Operations Clerk